What to consider when straightening teeth

Using Invisalign in Kirton is a great way to achieve a healthier and more attractive smile with straightening teeth, something that everyone wants! But as with any procedure, it is important to understand all of the considerations that go into ensuring that this treatment is the right choice.

By speaking to a dentist about their personal situation, they are able to address any concerns that they might have regarding how this treatment works or what kind of results they can come to expect. The beauty with this treatment is that during the initial consultation, a scan will take place which dentists then use to map the transition that patients may enjoy.

Although this treatment is not right for everyone, most people with mild to moderate misalignment’s of their teeth and jaw can use this convenient and fast way to straighten their teeth in a discrete way. There are different models that suit common issues and they are designed for adults and teenagers alike. Again, a dentist will be able to discuss the personal implications of using this treatment and recommend one of these models which will be best suited to their patient’s lifestyle choices and needs.

Furthermore, the initial consultation is a great time to raise any concerns or questions that one might have. By talking through some of the popular issues that can arise throughout the teeth straightening journey, patients can be better equipped with their relevant questions to their dentist at this time, so that they are not blindsided by complications that may have had them doubting the value of this treatment in the first place.

Let’s discuss some of the concepts that many users would have liked to have known before they had this specific treatment done.

What most dentists forget to mention

The recommended wearing time is 22 hours and no less than 20 hour per day. This leaves little time free from the aligners besides eating and brushing teeth. For those people who believe they can spend a moderate amount of time without their aligners each day and still see results, they are in for a rude awakening.

Individuals who find it hard to stay motivated or committed to the program may be disappointed with their result. If they forget to replace their aligners after lunch most days, their treatment will take a lot longer than anticipated, or not work at all.

Because one cannot eat with their aligners in, they may either find themselves skipping meals or needing to brush their teeth several times every day so that they can replace their aligners and not have terribly bad breath after an hour or so. This can become a little tiresome after a while and again takes a committed person to see this routine through.

Lipstick and kissing are a bit awkward as well, as they are with traditional fixed braces in general. It is important to see this treatment solution much like any braces that are available and just look forward to the future where straight teeth are a reality whilst choosing a device that is best aligned with one’s lifestyle and needs for the process. This way, success is more likely and the journey itself can be more enjoyable.

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