Teeth straightening dilemmas and how to solve them

Having crooked, protruding or generally misaligned teeth can have a significant impact on a person’s self-confidence.  For this reason, more and more people are wondering if they are a suitable candidate for a treatment such asstraight teeth at home in London.  This guide outlines some of the most common dilemmas faced by people who are thinking of getting braces and suggests how these can be addressed.


Many people who do not have straight teeth already feel self-conscious about their smile.  This may be an issue when it comes to meeting people, enjoying socialising and even making progress in terms of climbing the career ladder.  For these people, the idea of wearing braces is something that makes them feel even more concerned about how they will be seen by others.

They may associate teeth straightening with the traditional kind of braces that features metal wires that cover the front of the teeth and worry about how this could lead to a further decrease in confidence.  The great news is that this is no longer the only option for getting the best possible smile.  This type of patient may be an ideal candidate for invisible braces.

Invisible braces are a form of clear plastic trays that are worn over the teeth to straighten them over time.  They are completely unnoticeable to others, so there is no need to explain to anyone or to worry that anyone will know that the patient is having orthodontic treatment unless they choose to share this.

Do not have a lot of free time

The person who has a very busy and full life may wonder if they can fit this kind of treatment into their lives.  They may often be preoccupied by the demands of family, home and work life and concerned that havingorthodontic treatment may involve lots of dentist appointments that take up a lot of time.

Straight teeth at home in London may hold the key to getting a great smile for this kind of patient.  It is a form of treatment that allows them to have their braces delivered to their home at their convenience, and which allows the patient to keep dental appointments to an absolute minimum: only to be made when essential.

In a hurry

Many kinds of braces require the wearer to commit to a lengthy treatment period.  In some cases, that can last for a few years.  Choosing an option such as Invisalign usually means that results can be enjoyed much more quickly.  In many cases, the braces are worn for just a few months.  This allows the patient to get the smile they want quickly before getting on with the rest of their lives. Teeth straightening is something that used to be limited to young people who had lots of time to spare for orthodontist appointments and who were not worried about feeling self-conscious about getting treatment.  Fortunately, modern options such as clear braces eliminate many of the difficulties usually associated with getting the teeth straightened.  This means that the patient can enjoy all the benefits of wearing braces with few or no issues.

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