5 marketing tips to boost your dental surgery online

Getting new patients to attend your dental surgery is vital for it to survive and grow. According to reports, each dental surgery requires at least 20 new patients per month to achieve growth and success. But in the modern age, where are dental surgeries supposed to find these new patients?

The answer is online. By making your dental surgery more visible online, you can increase the number of people who visit you. This can be done via your website, social media channels or even platforms like YouTube. If you are relatively new, or if you only have a website, this entire process can seem intimidating and time-consuming.

Luckily, many digital marketing firms can help you with your dental marketing. In this guide, you will be introduced to 5 of the most common tips that are used to optimise dental surgeries and thus get more patients to attend your practice.

Optimising the website

Your dental surgery may be top of the line, but without a website, nobody is going to notice it or consider it for their cosmetic dental surgery or check-ups. This is usually the first point of interaction with patients, so your website needs to look and perform brilliantly.

A marketing team will ensure that your site is easy to navigate, communicates all of the relevant information and introduces your dental team and staff to the viewer; this is important for patients who may be more nervous. There will be informative images throughout the website and, of course, reviews of your clinic.


In order for your marketing strategy to work, you will need to invest in a long-term SEO plan. That SEO plan is, in essence, the process of getting your dental surgery to rank on the first page of a search engine using keywords, phrases and trending topics. This will be down to the team of digital marketers that you hire, but SEO over a period of 6 months can increase your click-to-patient rate up to 70%.


As part of optimising your website, your dental marketing team will almost always recommend building a blog. A blog is a great place to showcase information about the services that you provide at your dental surgery while weaving in those all-important keywords that will attract Google bots and rank your website higher on the first page of Google searches. Your blog will ideally need to be updated once a week and have completely unique content for it to stand out and work as part of your marketing strategy.

Social media

Another tip that marketing teams will use is social media, which has gone far beyond simply being a platform to connect with friends from high school. By building your clinic’s social media presence, you will attract a wider range of clientele and ensure that your clinic’s brand is known to a wider group of potential patients.

Vlogging Much in the same way that blogging can be used to optimize your surgery page, so can making video blogs. These can also be linked to the SEO strategy and keywording that is trending. For instance, if dental patients are searching for dental implants, you and your surgery staff can make a short video introducing this topic and the procedure, once again, making your website’s content relevant to the Google bots.

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