FAQs you need to ask yourself when building a dental surgery website

When you are designing a dental surgery website, you will obviously have the aim of attracting new patients to it. Or perhaps expanding your current patient demographic base.

But, as is the way with any business page, your focus will be on sales. This means that the surgery page will need to be laid out in a slightly different way from a personal blog. And if you have no experience with SEO or marketing in general, this can be tricky to navigate.

So, when you are designing a website for your dental surgery, you need to ask yourself some questions. As dental websites usually need a little bit of a different strategy implemented when they are being designed.

Does the site function well?

The first question you need to ask yourself when designing your surgery page (or when you hire someone else to design the surgery page) is does the site function well?

Can you find all of the information that you need on the homepage, such as contact information, the address of the surgery and patient testimonials? Also, does the site load quickly? If not, you will have to get in a marketing team to help you. You will also need a website which can work across a range of devices, such as laptops, smartphones and tablets. This will help a wider demographic of people access the site and will also boost the SEO.

Is the site attractive?

You will want any page associated with your dental surgery to be attractive. But once again this can be something of a personalised taste. So it may be worth contacting a marketing team to help assess if your surgery page is attractive. Or if it requires any tweaks. Remember, the page itself will have to follow a logical pattern to be detectable to the Google bots. And a marketing team will be able to keep the aesthetics pleasing, whilst also ensuring that the page is optimised.

Does it explain what we can offer?

A dental surgery will offer general dental services such as check-ups and scales and polishes. But if your dental surgery is able to offer advanced cosmetic treatments, such as dental implants, veneers or even dental whitening, then this needs to be on your surgery page. Or else how will anybody viewing the page know exactly what it is that you offer? You will also need to have pages dedicated to each of the treatments you offer as well as blog posts.

Is it SEO optimised?

SEO optimisation is tricky to gauge without professional insight. And is one of the key reasons why many people who are making over their dental surgery page hire a marketing team and SEO team. To ensure that the page will be ranked highly amongst Google search results.

But you need to ensure that any dental surgery page that you have is SEO optimised to attract more patients.

Are the images and content unique? Part of SEO is the uniqueness of the site. So, if you have a blog page (highly recommended), you will need to ensure that every article on there is unique and plagiarism free. Similarly, any images that you have on your surgery page should be of your surgery with your team. And should not be taken from any copyrighted materials online.

Apurva Thakur

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