How to overcome nervousness about seeing the dentist Luton

Many people feel a little nervous about visiting the dentist Luton; with some even feeling completely overwhelmed at the idea of having to go for a check-up. However, it is important to schedule regular appointments to help maintain good oral health and to prevent issues from occurring in the future. Here is a guide for people who wish to overcome any fears, allowing them to look after their teeth and gums with professional help.

Opt for the right dentist for the individual

It’s a good idea for people to find a dental professional with whom they have a good rapport. This will make it much easier to feel at ease during appointments. Therefore, the patient should not be afraid to chat with more than one dentist before deciding on who is right for them.


If a person is feeling worried or afraid of having their check-up, it’s important to share these concerns with the professional. If they have already chosen someone with whom they get along well, this should be easy to do. The patient should explain how they’re feeling and give details of anything specific that is on their mind. This gives the dentist a good opportunity to offer reassurance about what is going to happen; as well as to explain how it all works so that the patient is fully informed before getting started. Doing this can go a long way to alleviating any anxiety.

Bring music

The patient who listens to their favourite music during a check-up or treatment will often feel more relaxed and at ease. It’s a good idea to choose something familiar that is likely to soothe and relax, thus making the whole process much more comfortable.


Deep breathing exercises can be immensely beneficial for a person who is feeling a little stressed about getting their oral health check. The patient could do these before going to the surgery, or even in the waiting room. These kinds of exercises help to promote a feeling of being calm and in control; which means that by the time the appointment occurs, the patient is considerably less anxious about what is to come.

Early appointment

For the patient who feels nervous about going to the dentist, an appointment late in the day can be unhelpful. This is because they may become more anxious as the day wears on; and waiting all day can make these feelings worse. For this reason, it is a good idea to make an appointment early in the morning. This can be of significant help in reducing stress surrounding the visit.

Regular visits

Going for regular check-ups means that the patient is likely to become a little less nervous each time, as they discover that their fears were unfounded. This approach, along with ensuring that they keep on top of their dental hygiene at home; usually means that the need for major treatments in future is significantly reduced. This minimises the risk of any pain or discomfort further down the line, which should be reassuring.

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