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When teeth are lost, the integrity of an individual’s entire smile is at stake. Teeth are designed to work together and when one is lost, the whole function of a person’s mouth can become a little lopsided. Of course, over time, individuals adjust to the change and think nothing of it, but surrounding teeth are also adapting and changing and not for the better.

They do tend to shift and move to accommodate for missing teeth and this can completely alter the appearance and functionality of someone’s teeth. It really is a downhill spiral that continues, where teeth and gums become less strong, less healthy and an individual either stops to care or loses their esteem regarding their smile appearance.

This does not need to be the case. With dental implants Harley Street, people who have lost a single tooth, or all of their natural teeth can restore functionality again and smile with confidence.

For those people who avoid eating certain foods because they worry they cannot chew it with their dentures or because of their pained teeth, then this solution can stabilize and secure teeth, meaning they can laugh, eat and speak without needing to worry about how their dentures are acting or how their smile looks.

How does it work?

This solution consists of a metal rod that is inserted directly into the jawbone, creating a strong and stable bond. The metal used is titanium because it is known to bind with the bone, creating a durable and extremely long-lasting solution.

A scan is first made to determine the health of an individual’s jaw bone and to digitally place the implants to ensure maximum comfort and to reduce the healing time. When placed in the right area precisely, the pressure that is placed on the final crown in biting and chewing will not be felt at all and allow individuals to enjoy a fully functional smile again without even needing to think for a second that their teeth are in fact, false.

What happens if the jaw bone isn’t entirely healthy?

This isn’t as uncommon as one might think because those people who experience uncomfortable dentures are often finding that their jaw bone has receded and their dentures are slipping and sliding around in their mouth.

This happens because dentures and bridges do not stimulate the jaw bone as it should and it stops regenerating cells. Professionals are able to simply add more bone tissue into the area and once this has healed, move forward with the treatment. It is a straightforward procedure, although it is a surgical one and therefore individuals need to be healthy to move forward to make sure the risk of infection or other complications are at a minimum. The initial scans that alert a dentist to any potential issues are a great way of understanding the path ahead to having a fully functional smile again. There are many options available for all kinds of individuals presenting with their very unique circumstances, so by checking in and finding out the best course of action, they can embark on this positive life-changing journey.

Apurva Thakur

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