Are clear aligners right for you?

Clear aligners are rising in terms of their popularity within the field of modern orthodontic care due to their discrete transparent appearance (which is appealing for patients who do not want the hinderance of obvious dental work) in addition to their effective, and therefore long lasting dental results.

So… How does Invisalign in Luton reallywork?

Clear aligners are often mistaken for being described as ‘Invisalign’, despite common misconceptions however Invisalign is in fact one of the most popular brand providers for this particular form of subtle orthodontic care rather than the appliance name itself. Invisalign essentially produces effective dental results through the use of clear aligner trays that are custom made for each patients’ individual dental case!

What to expect from the Invisalign treatment process..

Despite the undeniable popularity of Invisalign within the field of dental care, many patients’ may be unsure of what to expect from the dental treatment process, especially for those who experience anxiety within a dental environment. Much like any dental treatment at any dental practice Invisalign always starts with an initial consultation.

One step closer to achieving your dream smile…

After the patient has discussed with their dental healthcare professional that clear aligners are the right orthodontic choice for them, the treatment process can commence. Several oral assessments and x-rays may be administered to ensure the best possible dental results, a scan is then taken (many modern dental clinics are now embracing the use of digital scanners) to prepare the teeth for the patients’ new custom made clear aligners.

What are the benefits of receiving clear aligners?

Within the modern field of dentistry there are a huge variety of orthodontic appliances to choose from, despite this Invisalign is rising in popularity due to its combination of benefits. In addition to their obvious transparent (and therefore practically invisible!) physical appearance, clear aligners never compromise when it comes to their effectiveness and long lasting dental results!

The modern alternative to traditional metal braces..

Traditional metal braces (also commonly referred to within the field of dentistry as ‘train tracks’ or ‘conventional braces’) are undeniably effective in amending some of the most severe dental cases. Despite their effectiveness when resolving severe misalignment, overbites, or irregular spacing (to name just a few common dental examples) many patients’ understandably feel as if obvious orthodontic work could hinder their self-esteem, as well as their social and work lives.

Feeling nervous?

Despite common misconceptions within the field of dentistry, dental anxiety is experienced by patients’ of all ages, not just children. Patients’ may develop dental anxiety for a multitude of reasons, the most common being as a result of negative childhood experiences within a dental environment. Whatever the cause of the fear, many modern dental clinics are now striving to make their patients feel as comfortable as possible within the walls of their surgery.

So… What’s the solution? Dental phobias can cause patients’ to postpone their dental appointment, or even reschedule their session altogether which can unfortunately have a devastating effect on their oral health. If you are a patient who is suffering from anxiety within a dental environment then it is suggested you contact your local surgery to discuss the possible solutions such as receiving sedation.

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