What is the Cost of Heart Valve Replacement surgery in India?


Heart valve replacement surgery is a procedure by which the surgeons remove a damaged heart valve and substitute it with the grafts or parts from the body tissues or with the synthetic heart valves in order to restore the normal functioning of the heart. This surgery is done under general anesthesia and takes about 4 to 5 hours. The surgery is performed either as an open heart surgery wherein the patient is put on a heart lung machine and rarely it is performed as a beating heart surgery without using a heart lung machine while the heart of the patient is still beating.

The procedure for heart valve replacement is required to get back the normal functioning. This procedure is done using prosthetic valves which are of two types:

  1. Mechanical valves: These valves are made from the man-made materials. The heart surgeons using this valve will prescribe a lifetime therapy with an anticoagulant to their patients.
  2. Biological or tissue valves: The biological valves are taken from the cow, pig or human donors and the longevity of these valves is less than the mechanical ones.

What is the Cost of Heart Valve Replacement surgery in India?

The cost of heart valve replacement surgery in India is only $12,000 while it is about $170,000 in the USA. The highly affordable cost of heart valve replacement surgery in India attracts many global patients to get their surgery in India. India Cardiac Surgery Site has an association with the top cardiac hospitals and the best surgeons across different cities offering low cost surgeries and treatments. We help our patients to get the best treatment within their budget. We assist our patients in getting the medical visas, travel, food and stay during their medical journey in India.

Why Choose India for Heart Valve Replacement Surgery?

India has attained a global reputation as a medical hub where the patients get world class health care facilities at the most affordable prices. The top cardiac hospitals in India have cutting edge technology that offers world class medical treatments and surgeries by providing comprehensive care to our patients. The hospitals located at Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Nagpur, Noida, Gurgaon, etc. are equipped with trained doctors, medical staff and infrastructure to help the patients get fit and fine with the highest quality treatments. The best cardiac surgeons in India are trained at the best medical schools from across the world and they have more experience in performing the heart valve replacement surgery.

Our tie-up with the most widely acclaimed hospitals in the country known for offering world class facilities along with the state of the art infrastructure and trained medical staff attracts patients from across the globe to travel down to India for their heart valve replacement surgery. You can save 70 to 90% by getting your surgical procedure done at JCI accredited hospitals in India. The surgeons in Indi are educated, experienced and skilled and hence provide you optimum medical care.


The heart valve replacement surgery in India has gained a prominent name amongst the foreign patients seeking high quality, affordable medical treatments in India. India Cardiac Surgery Site is a medical travel partner having collaboration with the best cardiac surgeons and top cardiac hospitals across different cities in India to offer low cost heart valve replacement surgery. Many foreign patients have got their surgery in India and were happy and contended with our medical services. You can contact India Cardiac Surgery Site to know more about the cost of heart valve replacement surgery in India.

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