What are the Telltale Signs of Foundation Damage?

We keep Telltale Signs what we have only with vigilance.

Buying a home is a big achievement in a man’s life. But, your work doesn’t get over once you purchase your dream home. You must maintain it in order to ensure its durability.

As a home owner, foundation damage is one of the home maintenance problems that require prompt attention. If you shut your eyes to the telltale signs of foundation damage, it will lead to expensive repairs in the future.

How to identify Foundation Damage?

You do not have to be a foundation repair contractor to detect a problem. Instead, you must look for the following telltale signs of foundation damage in your home:

Poor Condition of Foundation

When it comes to detecting a problem in your home, go straight to the source. Inspect the basement as well as the exterior surface of the foundation for structural damage. If you notice cracks, gaps, mold or mildew around the foundation, it is a sign of damage.

Visible Cracks

Every property settles over a period of time. But, early cracks in the structure can be a problem. Check for cracks in every part of your home. If you notice the following issues in your home, you must immediately call for help:

  1. Stress cracks in the drywall
  2. Cracked corner, pillars or ceiling
  3. Stair-step crack pattern in the brick facade
  4. Cracks in the exterior mortar veneer
  5. Horizontal cracks in the concrete slab
  6. Cracks in tiles or wood floors

Misaligned Doors and Windows

The soil expands and contracts periodically because of changes in the climate pattern. The constant movement in the soil results in foundation damage. If there is a problem with the foundation, some parts of your home may collapse or settle. It will affect the alignment of doors and windows.

So, check the doors and windows of every room. Do not forget doors and windows of the basement as well as the attic. If the doors do not latch properly or the windows do not close completely, consider checking for other signs of damage. The Floor or Ceiling is Uneven

It is not necessary that a problem with the foundation will have an impact only on the lower levels of your home. Uneven floor or ceiling should be considered as a red flag by every home owner.

Your Home is Old

If your home is older than 10 years, it is likely to have foundation problems. Why? It is because there are high chances of settlement. Also, the plumbing system may have deteriorated and put a pressure on the foundation.

These are the all the telltale signs of foundation damage. If you notice any of them in your home, do not ignore them. Remember a strong foundation results in a sturdy home. So, hire a foundation repair contractor to repair the foundation and save your home from collapsing.

If you believe that the foundation of your home is damaged, call Pour Concrete. The expert foundation repair contractor will analyze the situation and provide you with quick, durable and affordable solutions. Contact now for foundation underpinning service.

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