When you are looking for a criminal solicitor

Most people go through life in a way where being worried about breaking the law is not anything they need to be concerned about; this is because most people are law-abiding citizens. Still, there are people in our society who do break the law and may find they need someone to represent their arguments in a courtroom. Some of these people may not have meant to break the law and may become confused about why they have been charged and what their rights are. This makes it especially important for such people to have access to someone who can explain their legal position with accuracy and clarity.

If you find yourself in need of a criminal solicitor, it is vital that you understand the role the solicitor will play in your case and the duties they will carry out on behalf of you, the client being represented. In any case, it is only by understanding the role of any professional can you be fully informed and involved in any decisions that are made that may affect the outcome laid down by the court.

Staying calm is key

If you are in a position where you have inadvertently broken the law, then you must remain calm; this is especially true if you are arrested. If arrested and taken to a police station, the first thing you must request is for someone to contact a solicitor who has a background based around representing people who have committed crimes.

If you have been arrested, you must not say anything or agree to an interview without having any legal representation present as you would need to have someone who knows what you can and cannot be asked during a police interview. Any legal representative will make sure that the interviews you undergo will stay on point and not incriminate you beyond the crime you were arrested for. Solicitors will also ensure that your rights are fully exercised and arrest was fully lawful.

By staying calm and co-operating with any arresting officer, you are more likely to portray yourself in a positive light, and the arresting officer will be more likely to want to help you navigate the situation in order to reach a positive outcome. You must remember that the record of the arrest is one of the items used to make up any documentation that is given to the court. Therefore, if you have been cooperative at the time of arrest, any magistrate or judge will take this into account when making a final ruling.

In any interview

After you are arrested, the police will conduct an interview in order for them to understand the facts around any crime committed; this is where the importance of a criminal solicitor can really shine as they will seek to advise you as to what questions to answer and how to answer them. The solicitor will also seek to ensure that you are only asked relevant questions by any police officer involved in any case.

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