Dentist in Welwyn with a wellness philosophy

Dentistry today demands a high level of patient awareness with an approach that it is always important to provide the best level of patient care and attention at all times. As a multi-disciplinary practice, the dentist in Welwyn is in the fortunate position of being able to offer the expertise of clinicians from a variety of dental disciplines. This allows a wellness program to be implemented, which involves designing a dental plan that is tailor-made for each patient. Each plan is created in conjunction with the patient from preventive dentistry through the various areas of dentistry including, restorative, cosmetic and aesthetic.

Creating a relationship

To best understand a patient’s needs and desires, it is necessary to develop a sound dental relationship based on trust and understanding. The first stage of this phase of dentistry is creating a complete record of all dental history. It is then necessary to take a series of x-rays and images to create a comprehensive record of a patient’s current dental condition. At this stage, the dentist will discuss any conditions that have been found and formulate a treatment program with the patient. Patients are encouraged to discuss the plan and any conditions that they would like corrected, especially concerning aesthetics.

Preventive dentistry

Education on oral hygiene, including the selection of the correct toothbrush and proper brushing and flossing, is part of the preventive dentistry program. Patients are motivated to bring their children into the surgery as young as one year old to allow them to become familiar with the sights, sounds and smells of the surgery. It is often best for a patient to bring their young children in when they have an appointment. When children have their first appointment, they will be used to the surgery and should feel calm and relaxed. This is the dentist’s opportunity to examine their teeth, gums and jaw and identify any problems that may exist or be manifesting.

Dental science and technology

We are all aware of the amazing strides mobile technology has made in the development of smartphones, especially in the areas of communication and image sharing. Dentistry has embraced this, and it is now possible to have a preliminary dental consultation using the various apps and cameras. Dentists can receive a visual image of a patient’s teeth and mouth and advise them of what needs to be done in preparation for the physical appointment. Dental equipment has also benefited greatly from technological advances. New machines that are computer-assisted can aid the dentist when administering anaesthetics, ensuring a more targeted delivery that reduces numbness and pain. There is also an alternative to the dentist’s drill for certain procedures, which reduces the anxiety felt by some patients. Equipment development is ongoing, and dentists have to attend regular seminars and training to stay updated on the innovations and techniques.

Dental practices are now more patient-friendly than ever

Today’s dental has become more than a place to visit because of a toothache. Patients are now more aware of their teeth and gums and demand a higher standard of dentistry. This has meant that dentistry in the UK has one of the highest standards in the world.

Apurva Thakur

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