Stressful events: Where to go, and what to ask

It goes without saying that a separation can be one of the most stressful events in an individual’s life. It can also be very disruptive to the friends and family supporting them, who are also affected by the changes that are bound to occur.  A divorce, and the aftermath, can be very trying for all parties involved and it undoubtedly affects everyone in the family, especially if children are involved.

Professionals who work in this field of law manage to have a lot of experience in numerous cases as divorce is, unfortunately, quite common.  On a positive note, this gives them a broad range of knowledge regarding different situations.  Every case is unique and every individual deserves to be heard and treated with respect, and this is where family solicitors Emsworth stand out from the rest.

It is advisable that individuals write out a checklist of questions that they would like answered when speaking with their advocate for the first time.  This way, clients can get as much information as possible.  It can certainly be a highly emotional experience for stressful events, and thoughts tend to fly away in such situations.

Such questions that clients wish to have answered honestly and quickly include those regarding children, property, support issues for the other spouse, potential criminal issues such as domestic violence, and general questions regarding fees and what documentation one should have ready.

This enables people to understand the situation they are in, and know what steps they need to take in order to achieve their goals regarding the separation of marital equity and the responsibility of any children.

Questions such as, where the children will live, and what will happen to the house, can cause a lot of despair and confusion to all parties who are involved.

More specific questions such as how long the proceedings should be expected to take, and how much is it going to cost an individual, should also be raised so that the advocate is able to be straightforward and honest about how they expect the proceedings to pan out.

Is there a prenuptial?

If there was no prenuptial agreement before the marriage commenced, then other methods will need to be employed.  This will be an agreement between the two parties about to part, or one organised by the court.  By approaching negotiations in a non-confrontational and constructive way, it is believed that the outcome can be much better for all parties concerned, both financially and emotionally.

Many modern day couples are seeking to make prior arrangements in the form of a prenuptial.  They are now seen as more of a sign of respect, not only to their partner, but to themselves.  A prenuptial is no longer for the rich and famous, but budding entrepreneurs, students in debt, or average working class couples who are looking to be more financially independent in some aspects of their lives. By having mutual understanding and respect for one another, both client and lawyer are able to establish a mutually positive working relationship that is beneficial for the success of the case.

Apurva Thakur

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