Want to whiten your teeth? visit your dentist for whiter smile

The hustle and bustle of daily life can expose many people’s mouths to highly acidic products. how would we contact good dentist.

Orange juice with breakfast, coffee on the commute and wine bars in the evening can all have a negative effect on tooth enamel, potentially leading to discolouration and staining.

While it seems easy enough to try and avoid these products, modern life is full of acidic foods and drinks, meaning that you may be exposing your teeth to high amounts of acid without realising it.

Of course, dentistry can provide a long term solution to both whiten and protect your teeth.

While many toothpaste brands claim to be able to remove deep-set stains, attending a tooth whitening session with a dentist in Sydney CBD is the best way to get rid of those stubborn stains, leaving you with a gorgeous, white smile with long-lasting results!

But why should you visit a dentist in Sydney CBD for professional whitening rather than just using a commercial whitening toothpaste?


Unless you have undertaken years of cosmetic dental training, you are unlikely to know a great deal about tooth whitening; even if you are a dentist, it is sometimes unwise to perform these procedures on yourself!

When you visit a dental surgery to have your teeth whitened, the team will examine your teeth and will determine the severity of your enamel staining. This will lead them to choose the correct solution of oxidising gels to remove the stains, without damaging the enamel.

Also, while many people assume that their teeth are flawless, your dental team will be able to check for other issues that you may have missed, such as minor cavities or gum inflammation.

Mixing bleach and an inflamed gum line is not only a bad idea, but it is extremely uncomfortable! So, it’s usually best to leave any type of tooth whitening to the professionals!


Of course, not all dental whitening just occurs in the surgery chair.

Many dental surgeries offer patients an initial assessment and baseline clean and then send them home with an at-home whitening kit. This kit often contains a customised gel, mixed to remove the deeper set stains on the enamel, which must be worn using a tray every evening for the next fortnight.

Once this period is over, upon returning to the dental surgery, one more clean will be performed and then, you will be left with a glowing set of teeth that will light up any room you walk into!

Long-lasting results

As a professional strength clean can whiten your teeth by up to 16 shades, it can be easy to worry about causing new stains on your glowing pearly whites.

Luckily, after your final cleaning session at your dental surgery, your dental team will have sealed your teeth with a clear varnish, to keep your teeth looking in top condition for as long as possible. You may have also been given personalised, at-home whitening kits, to keep your teeth looking their whitest in between professional cleaning sessions; now, that’s a long-lasting result!

Disclaimer Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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