Why is it so important to visit your local dentist in Stevenage?

Many individuals may not be aware of the importance of visiting their local dental clinic for a check-up twice a year, however it is vital in maintaining patients’ oral health (whether this be the teeth, or gums). Despite many individuals brushing their teeth twice a day, this may still not be enough to prevent the development of oral imperfections. Individuals who visit their local dentist in Stevenage frequently have a better chance of preventing the development of cavities and therefore needing fillings. Oral diseases such as gum disease can be prevented through the monitoring of the gums and teeth in the mouth.

Why may some individuals be reluctant to visit their local dentist in Stevenage?

Some individuals may be reluctant to attend their regular dental appointment for a wide array of reasons, one of which may be due to a dental phobia. A dental phobia (also commonly referred to as an irrational fear) is actually extremely common throughout the general public (despite common misconception). Dental phobias can be triggered by a variety of factors, such as conditioning, as well as negative childhood experiences.

Another key to why certain individuals may decide to miss their regular dental check-ups could be due to financial reasons. Certain individuals (who do not receive dental health care under the National Health Service) may be reluctant to attend their local dental clinic if they do not wish, or are unable to, pay the price for their dental check-up.

People may also wish to skip their dental check-up if they do not have a dental clinic within the local area, and are therefore reluctant to travel to undergo their dental treatment. Individuals may not have available access to transport to obtain treatments easily.

What can individuals expect from their local dental check-up?

Individuals need not be anxious when undergoing their regular check-up as it is extremely simple, and quick. When undergoing a dental check-up, X-rays may be taken to screen for mouth cancer, as well as an overall assessment of the teeth and gums. During an individual’s check-up assessment of each individual tooth can be undergone, to ensure the prevention of any problems within the mouth developing.

Areas of concern

Typically, an individual’s dentist may ask the patient whether there are any areas of concern within the mouth (this can be any areas of discomfort, pain, or sensitivity). Dentists may assess any areas of concern for the patients in greater detail, and prescribe certain toothpastes or treatments to resolve the issue.

What is a scale and polish, and why might certain individuals be advised to undergo this form of dental cleaning treatment? A scale and polish is essentially a vigorous dental cleaning treatment that aims to remove tartar and plaque from the surfaces of the teeth. Individuals may be advised to undergo this form of cleaning treatment despite believing they clean their teeth correctly. This scale and polish treatment is extremely minor and simple, and should not take a long period of time.

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