Getting that full and healthy teeth looking smile back

When a person has lost some or all of their healthy teeth, either due to age, illness or an accident, it can be seriously damaging to that person’s self-confidence. Not only that, having missing teeth can affect a person’s nutrition as their dietary choices begin to reflect their ability to eat rather than their desire to do so, which can have knock-on negative effects for the entire body.

Dental implants in Navan can be a positive solution to all of these issues and more. Available to all adult patients who have lost one tooth or many, there is a range of suitable options for any mouth. By speaking with their local dentist, patients are able to fully understand the advantages and potential risks that they may encounter should they wish to go ahead with the procedure.

It is an extremely successful procedure, with a more than 90% success rate. Satisfaction rates continuously being recorded, and technology constantly improving, increases these odds. Some patients may need to have prior treatment before this one to ensure the success and longevity of the procedure. This would be discussed in length during the initial treatment consultation for that patient.

What exactly does this treatment entail?

The implant itself is something like a replacement tooth root. A metal screw is inserted into the site of a missing tooth and it fuses with the jawbone there to create a strong and lifelong structure onto which a crown or a bridge can be positioned.

One of these metal screws can hold up to four crowns in a bridge or a single crown if there are no multiple missing healthy teeth alongside each other. For patients who have dentures, there is a procedure that allows the entire set of teeth to be supported with only four of these metal rods; two on top and two on the bottom.

This all-on-four treatment is a great way to allow denture wearers to laugh and eat what they please without having to worry about their dentures slipping out or moving around. This often happens over time as the jaw bone begins to recede and dentures that were once snug now begin to slip and become uncomfortable.

The first step of the procedure is the actual implantation of the metal root. With the latest technology, the implantation location is digitally analysed to ensure the correct positioning of this screw. This will result in optimal comfort as well as quicker healing time.

Depending on the patient, a certain amount of healing time is necessary to allow the replacement tooth root to fuse with the bone. After that, a post can be attached using a screw. A porcelain crown is then made to fit onto the post. It is similar to the patient’s original teeth in shape, size and colour. This allows for the most natural integration both cosmetically and physically, allowing the patient to not even feel the new tooth once in position. The crown is screwed and permanently cemented onto the post, creating a replica of a natural tooth that is permanent and natural. It can take several months for this procedure to be completed, but the overall effect is pleasing and comfortable.

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