The Perfect Rolex for Your Personality

Just like the car you drive and the clothes you wear, the timepiece you adorn is a window into your taste and lifestyle. You can tell volumes about a man’s life simply by looking at his choice of wristwatch. Wearing a luxury watch has the ability to give away unsaid insights about your interests and priorities, simultaneously ensuring that you make a mark anywhere you go.

Given what an important telltale sign your wristwatch is, it is imperative to choose a piece that best matches your personality and is most fit for your lifestyle. With a host of awe-inspiring timepieces, Rolex watches for men are a legacy in itself, with wide ranging collections to match varying personalities.

Every model is an embodiment of timeless luxury and flawless craftsmanship. The collection of Rolex watches in India available at Ethos Watch Boutiques and Rolex boutique in Delhi is dependable and wide-ranging, with an ideal match for every man. Read on to find the perfect Rolex for your personality and choose a model as dynamic as your everyday life:

1. For the Explorer

Rolex is known for creating watches using technology tested under real life conditions, making the timepiece exceptionally reliable, robust and dependable. True to the brand’s legacy, the Rolex Explorer of today is in harmony with the model’s iconic heritage. It features a sophisticated, clean black dial with luminescent material used to make 3, 6 and 9 numerals glow. The signature Oyster bracelet further elevates the status of the timepiece to an iconic embodiment of top-class watchmaking. The Explorer is one of Rolex’ most versatile timekeepers. Its classic yet timeless feel coupled with an adventurous history make the Explorer a good choice for anyone looking to find the best mix of a dressy and sporty Rolex watch.

1. For the Master of the Sea

The Yacht-master and Yacht-master II by Rolex are an ode to the spirit of the sailor. The association of Rolex with the rich heritage of sailing dates back to the 1950s, and finds manifestation in the Yacht-master series. The Yacht-master is the perfect blend of form and function while the Yacht-master II uses best-in- class Rolex technology to develop a high performance chronograph, exclusively built for yacht competition. The Rolex Yacht-master II case is made using 904L stainless steel, known for its extraordinary resistance against corrosion. The distinctive white dial with a luminescent disc is easily readable and highly sophisticated.

1. For the Well-Dressed Gentleman

The Cellini Collection by Rolex is a modern-day celebration of the incomparable, eternal grace found in

traditional timepieces. Rolex has successfully combined its globally acclaimed know-how and pursuit for perfection in this breathtaking timepiece. The Cellini Time uses Everose Gold, an 18 CT pink gold alloy, developed in-house and patented by Rolex. The simple and understated black dial is perfectly complemented with a classic black alligator leather strap with large scales. The timepiece oozes elegance and nobility, symbolising the best of watchmaking heritage and representing it in its most timeless form.

1. For the King in the Sky

Rolex Air-King is a wholehearted celebration of the pioneers of flight and the distinctive contribution of Oyster in the grand story of aviation. It lives up to the legacy of the original model launched in the 1950s while also maintaining a strong modern and contemporary feel. The 40mm case made using 904L steel is complemented with a classy black dial bearing the name Air-King in the exact same lettering that was exclusively designed for the original 1950s model. The Rolex Air-King is armed with caliber 3131 self-winding mechanical movement, which is also a certified Swiss chronometer. Irrespective of the model you choose, the minute people see you wearing a Rolex, they perceive you in a different light altogether – one of class, sophistication and ultra polished sense of style. You must choose a timepiece that best suits your personality to further elevate your character and heighten your charisma.

Apurva Thakur

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