Who can help a person get their teeth straight?

When it comes to discussing with a health professional the best way to teeth straight, a patient needs to express any concerns and goals that they have with a qualified orthodontist in Liverpool.

This healthcare professional is specifically trained in the way that teeth sit in the jawbone as well as the positioning of the jaw itself. When a person has an incorrect bite, they need to have this properly aligned so that their teeth do not unnecessarily wear down prematurely and they do not experience pain or problems later in life.

There are several methods a dentist trained in orthodontics can discuss with their patients and they will recommend the most suitable option for each individual. Alternative options will always be provided supplemented with information about the advantages, and possible risks involved, of each procedure, so that the patient is able to make the best decision for themselves.

By allowing a dentist to inspect the teeth and jawbone position with a series of digital scans and x-rays, dentists are able to determine the reason for the misalignment and provide solutions to rectify this. With modern day technology, there is also a possibility that they will be able to digitally present their patient with the probable end result. This visual representation allows the patient to understand the treatment plan and help them to maintain their resolve in finishing the procedure.

What options can an orthodontist provide?

There are several aligners available that can provide solutions for the various problems that a patient might have. A specialist dentist in this field is able to use a range of different types of aligners that are available, correcting simple misalignments and more complex cases.

A treatment plan is established during the initial consultations that take place with their dentist, giving them information regarding the time frame of the whole procedure and the expected treatment costs.

Fixed braces are the traditional method of realignment and people usually think of these when expecting the dentist to align their teeth straight. Modern day technology makes this treatment a lot quicker than it was several years ago and the brackets that are fixed to the teeth can come in a tooth colour which is more discreet.

These type of braces are more commonly used in more complex cases, allowing a dentist the ability to fine tune the procedure and make corrections frequently. As a result, patients need to check in with their dentist often so that any concerns can be dealt with quickly and the dentist can monitor the treatment to ensure it is all going to plan.

Clear and removable aligners are usually required for less complex cases and will align teeth to become more pleasing cosmetically which in turn improves the patient’s self-confidence and oral health. They are hardly noticeable at all, as they are a clear plastic tray that simply fits over the teeth. The trays have the added benefit of being able to be removed so that a patient can eat without concern for their braces. They can also remove them to brush their teeth so there is no need for any specialised oral hygiene routine whilst undergoing this treatment.

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