What to consider with dental treatments abroad

Do you urgently need dental work done? If you are a British resident, seeing the cost of major dental treatments abroad may be more than you can stomach. So many people are putting off procedures because they cannot afford it right now. But what if your issue cannot wait any longer? What are your options then? Dental tourism has come about for this very reason, this is where dental treatment in Hungary could be the solution you have been looking for.

What is dental tourism?

Have you noticed friends or neighbours coming home with brighter smiles after a vacation abroad? There might very well be a reason for that.

In today’s world, more people are combining their annual holidays with scheduling dental treatments abroad in places other than the United Kingdom. That is right, a holiday and dental procedure in countries like Hungary can cost less than a single procedure back home.

Why is treatment in Hungary recommended?

You can save a lot of money, and that includes cash spent on flights, accommodation, and expenses of a personal nature.

People might regard such low prices with a level of skepticism. Surely, this can only be a scam? However, you can find Hungarian dentists as accomplished, experienced and educated as some of the most reputable British dentists. Some of these Budapest dentists are graduates from one of Hungary’s oldest and most esteemed medical schools, Semmelweis University, which has provided some of the country’s top practitioners.

What am I missing if the costs are low and the dentists are well-regarded?

If you are puzzled by the significantly lower dental prices in Budapest, you are not alone. But bear in mind that the cost of living is significantly lower there, and this includes medical expenses.

The cost of implants and other complex treatments are calculated according to what the average Hungarian earns.

Should I book this endeavour with a dental agency?

Dental agents are third-party people between your dentist and you, arranging everything from your flights and accommodation to personalising an itinerary for you.

However, what most dental agents do not account for is the after-care. While post-op trauma is rarely experienced these days, it can happen. Prepare for the worst by finding a dental practice in the UK with sister clinics in Budapest, Hungary. That way, your recovery needs are covered should complications arise.

What is Budapest known for?

Dental treatments aside, Budapest has a lot to offer tourists. It is a charming fairytale city, boasting pristine sightseeing opportunities, cultural activities, cheap beer, and so much more.  Also referred to as the city of baths, Budapest boasts over 1000 mineral baths. Put Széchenyi Thermal Bath on your itinerary – this bath or pool is very ornate and has been described as swimming or bathing in a palace.

You can see the buzzing city on foot or take public transport, which is also incredibly affordable.

How much leave do I need?

Due to the fast pace of life, it is near impossible to take extended time off work. With dental tourism, you only need a maximum of two weeks to transform your smile, which should include time for recovery and exploring. In your home country, you might need to wait months for implants and other methods of tooth restoration, but this is unlikely to be the case when getting implants abroad.

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