How to discreetly straighten teeth brace

For many teenagers and adults, obtaining straighten teeth brace is not as simple as having a corrective device placed on their teeth for a certain amount of time. There are many psychological and physical factors that may lead them to hesitate about their decision to have this positive, life changing treatment done.

Such factors include potential discrimination at school and in the work place. When a professional business person feels that they need to uphold a particular image, or their business depends on their professional persona, for public speaking or for other related scenarios then having their teeth straightened traditionally, which can take up to and beyond 2 years to complete, just simply doesn’t seem to be an option.

It isn’t disputed that receiving treatment to straighten one’s teeth will lead to an improvement in one’s mental health as well as a more positive overall outlook towards one’s body image. It is also immensely beneficial for a patient’s physical health and well-being, as they will experience a healthier mouth with straighter teeth.

Therefore, dentists and researchers have found several ways in which to offer their patients the ability to straighten their teeth without feeling embarrassed or concerned about the journey that they must undertake in order to achieve their healthier smile. One of the most popular and successful methods that has been developed is the use of clear braces in Birmingham.

How are these different to traditional methods?

Traditional devices consist of brackets that are glued to teeth and wires that connect each bracket. A dentist will manipulate the wires to pull a patient’s teeth and jaw into the correct alignment over a predetermined amount of time.

They are still in use today for complex cases, as they give the dentist more control over the manipulation of the teeth positioning. However for less complicated and more straightforward procedures, patients can be offered the wearing of a clear tray instead.

By using innovative technology, a detailed digital scan can be used to recreate an image of a patient’s teeth. This image can be uploaded into software that can precisely determine the exact means by which teeth can be moved into a more aesthetically pleasing and healthier alignment in the fastest, most comfortable and most successful way possible.

Clear and removable trays can then be machine made to perfectly fit a patient’s teeth, with a new tray being used approximately every 2 weeks until teeth have been pushed into alignment.

The benefits of this treatment include providing patients with a sense of control and freedom over their straighten teeth brace journey. They are able to remove the trays whilst eating or during an infrequent special occasion so that they do not have to feel burdened by their teeth straightening device. As long as the patient wears their aligners for 20 or more hours each day, they are expected to achieve the results that they have discussed with their dentist. There is also a massive community online for all people who are wearing such invisible aligners and the technology available to ensure that their journey is going smoothly all adds to a more pleasant and enjoyable teeth straightening experience.

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