Ways to Shield Your Home With Enduring Security Gates

While with increasing number of policing and community watch programs have helped to minimize the threat of break-ins and burglary, security is the major concern for homeowners in Australia.

Automatic gates are not a luxury quotient for homeowners anymore. You can find it everywhere, whether it is a small yard or big property. These gates are investment and provide you adequate security to your property. While considering an electric gate in Australia, you need to ensure that it must have appropriate lock system. You can opt for remote control gate or child lock gate but the burglars mainly break the lock system. The best thing is to opt for electronic card reader system where the home owner can authorize someone to enter into the property.

The point here is to secure your home and family, and you don’t want to compromise on that. Automatic gates in Melbourne are excellent choice of security and safety. Many people believe intruders enter through the windows, but the fact is approximately 70% of burglars enter through the door, either front or patio doors. This is pretty surprising data but it’s a wake-up call for homeowners who think windows are the only fragile point where intruders break-in.

How to secure your home with doors

  • Earlier people believe in robust doors, but today it is just more than that. You can have a robust door, but burglars have all those techniques to break-in through your solid door. The focal point of all security doors is the lock system. You need to keep a lock system that is convenient yet fully secured.
  • Avoid windows into your entrance way. These windows are inviting and potential security risks. If you are installing a new door, find an opaque door, or if you have already a windowed door, install reinforced glass or considering adding decorative bars. You can also install a second lock at floor level.
  • To add additional security, you can integrate an alarm system with surveillance camera. For large property, you can use intercom to communicate with visitors who wish to enter your property. Another safety measure is to install proximity card reader to open the security door.
  • Even if you love a flowery landscaping, avoid any plantation near your door or windows. Clear all shrubs, bushes and trees in front of your driveway that could be a potential hideout place of burglars.
  • A gate is only effective when it has a strong lock. Even the strongest door can be easily compromised if the lock doesn’t extend deep enough into the door frame. Choose a branded deadbolt and possibly two locks installed in your door.
  • The gate frame and doorjamb are two important elements that secure your door. Install a deeper box strike that fix deep into the wall studs. It is better if you reinforce your doorjamb with galvanized steel to make it more secure and robust.
  • Sliding doors are aesthetic but these vulnerable. You have to install reinforced glass or plastic door. If you have a glass entrance door, place a metal dowel in the track. Also, for extra protection, install a motion sensor or vibration sensors to sound the alarm in case the glass is broken.

Check the weak points of your property

It is not just installing strong automated doors, you ensure a full-fledged security. You also need to look after various other aspects of your house.

Take an ideal opportunity to “case” your home or flat, pretty much as a criminal would. Where is the most effortless section? In what capacity would you be able to make it more criminal safe?

Trim trees and bushes close entryways and windows, and think deliberately before introducing a high, wooden wall around your back yard. High fences and greenery can add to your protection; however it can likewise be a resource for a burglar.

Outside lights and movement indicators, mounted out of simple span, can expose an unwanted person.

Straightforward security gadgets—nails, screws, latches, entryway and window locks, meshes, bars and fasteners—can expand the measure of time it enjoys to reprieve into your home.

Are any of your valuable—works of art, a silver accumulation or a PC—simple to see from outside the house? Improving your decorations may be prudent in the event that it makes your home less welcoming to burglars.

Apurva Thakur

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