Top 5 Super Gorgeous Colors That Can Brighten Up Your Home

Life is made up of all kinds of colors ! Some are bright, some are dark and some are blended with contrast.But when it comes to home decor; not every color can be chosen and the choices are far and few. Those who love to experiment around might get excited about using bold and funky colors for their homes but not everyone likes it.

However, if you are keen about using some unconventional color patterns in your home decor this year; you got to do your homework first. It is always good and recommended as well to check out the latest trends and designs that are available in the market before proceeding with any kind of home decoration.

So! How can you add a touch of brightness to your home without making it look gaudy? Check out these 5 amazing color schemes that can be applied anywhere in your home.

1.   Blue:

You might be wondering that how blue color will light up your home? Blue color is always considered to be a relaxing color and it gives your home an appearance of more of a comfort zone.

Home décor experts also recommend starting off with a shade of blue if you are looking to experiment around with the wall colors of your living room or guest bedroom furniture.

2.   Yellow:

The ultimate color of brightness; yellow is the perfect mood lifting color of your home. Lemon yellow color was considered to be the best color for walls over the recent years and has been widely endorsed all over the world.

Painting the walls yellow or adding yellow beddings in your bedroom can give it the instant sunny ambiance which looks absolutely beautiful.

3.   White:

The traditional white color never goes out of style. It is the color of instant brightness and has never lost its popularity for all these years.

An all-white room including the net curtains, bed spreads, blankets, cushions and pillow sets looks as beautiful as with contrasting colors. Oozing out tons of sober vibes; the white color added in the home décor will never disappoint you.

4.   Purple:

A color that speaks volumes when added as part of the décor of any room in a home is the color purple. Everything looks pretty and lightened up when contrasted with purple.

Purple bedding accessories look gorgeous and when combined with different shades of grey or white; whether in the form of furniture or any other home décor items will completely transform the entire outlook of your room.

5.   Green:

Lastly! Green should be the color of your choice when it comes to giving a calm and soothing yet bright ambiance to your home.

Whether in the form of natural green including potted or succulent plants nicely arranged in the window of your living room or in the form of green colored furnishing items; the aura of coziness this color displays is beyond beautiful and can always be a safe bet to go for.

Apurva Thakur

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