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Having a great outdoor space during long summer days is a great privilege. Scandinavian gardens are most often imagined and cultivated as tranquil open spaces with spotless lawns and seas of picturesque flowers. However, further up north, the Mother Nature is not that generous, and the flora gets by in the not-so-warm and moody weather. Still, even in the harsher climate, a garden can be a real treat for those with a Scandinavian-style oasis. They vary from patches of wilderness dappled with splashes of color to state-of-the- art modern shelters.

Green, green grass of home

A green, lush landscape is not such a common sight up north. As the days get shorter, the white curtain falls and the darkness creeps in. Gardens often resemble pieces of nature, but jeweled with fruits, flowers and other plants. Nature serves a great source of inspiration, and is merged with modern design and landscape ingenuity to create striking gardens. They also complement the aesthetics of the home, clothing it into natural vesture and odor. It is not surprising to see manicured front lawns and enthralling Scandinavian natural sanctuaries.

Curb appeal is one of the major considerations, but there is something else to mind first. Scandinavian gardens have tightly planted beds of various flowers. One advantage of this is that there is not much room for weeds to develop, so the maintenance requirements are lower. Furthermore, Scandinavian parterres do not feature a particularly rich soil. The flowers thus need to be able to prosper in a sandy and dry ground. A short bright light season bestows many blessings upon plants, but it is the winter that brings real challenges.

Natural allies

So, when it comes to choice of flowers, Delphinum is one of the best candidates, as it will do fine being uncovered during fierce winters. A Pimpinell rose is a thorny, 2 meter high bush that blooms in June and thrives in sandy land. Its light pink, slightly aromatic flowers are a spectacle which adds life to any garden. Bleeding heart, on the other hand, has dark pink or white hues and a distinctive, heart-shaped flower. It can grow in the shade and bloom in average soil. Other popular choices are Peony, Garden Lupin, Lavender, Marguerite and Clove Pink.

Deliver finishing touches with fun accessories such as birdbaths and feeders. Pools or contemporary patios do wonders for transforming the yard into a party zone. To set up a focal point or a gathering place, one can opt for a fire pit or an outdoor fireplace. Here, it is also crucial to pay attention to the choice of contemporary outdoor furniture. Of course, the garden design ultimately depends on its spaciousness, the style of the home, as well as the purpose the garden is to serve.

A flower garden is a special treat, but some people turn to low-maintenance bushes, hedges and succulents. What is more, modern design solutions have introduced variety and visual fleshpot. This comes in the form of sleek upgrades such as stone-paved or gravel pathways, water features, wood or stone walls. Although these are aesthetic additions, one should also ensure their functionality. So, when installing water features, for example, opt for prime plumbing services to get a durable and practical piece of architecture.

Winds of change

With rejuvenating spring at our doorsteps, many people are migrating to the outdoors. A common Scandinavian yard staple involves flower, vegetable and fruit gardens, accompanied by landscape solutions that round up a stunning scenery. The right choice of flowers is paramount to adding color and texture to the soothing retreat. It can be tailored to the entertainment and playtime, designed as a seating, dining, or a relaxation area. It will get you through the warmer period of the year and still offer a plethora of benefits when cold winds arise.

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