5 best steps to stay cool in the summer season

Summer is at its peak and even everyone is affected by it, the summer season is always that sticky season which is irritating also as there is the sweating we hate. We all know the summer problems, but there are ways using them we can stay cool in the summer. We are going to share with you some very cool tips using them summer and sun rays will not able to affect you anymore. In the season of summer it is very essential to use a quality product so that we can save ourselves from the harm of summer. You can find these products online very easily and can the security. Even you can get the best deals, coupons, offers and Promo codes online very easily. Now here we are going to tell you 5 most important things that you must take care in summer to stay healthy and perfect. So here we go….

1-    Protect your skin from Sun as much as possible-

The root of problems in summer we have that with the sun rays and those UV rays also if you just be in sun for 5 minutes only you will get the tan instantly and the energy you  had would be disappear in a couple of minutes. So whenever you are planning to go outside just apply the sunscreen with at least SPF 30 before 20 minutes you are going, also wear the full hand gloves, summer court, and cover your face with scarf and your eyes with the sunglasses. This covering will save you from the harmful rays of sun and any kind of tan or dark circles. So make it in your check list whenever you go outside.

Boys can also cover their face with cotton hanky and scarves and use helmet to protect their self. No matter at what time you are going outside just applies the sunscreen before you go. You can buy best quality sunscreen at Mytokri.com at a very affordable Price.

2-    Drink plenty of water

The basic comfort in summer is water, so drink plenty of water every day without any gap in days. You can drink the water in the gap also so that your body nourishment will be stay for long, also your body will be stay fit as long. Drinking plenty of water will make you glow also yes the reason that most people carry glow on their faces are that they drink several liters of water in a single day so that whenever they go outside it will refresh them every time.

3-    Avoid using hair dryer as much as possible:

In summer if not properly cared hairs get damaged and the sweating that forces us to wash hair on every alternative day. This is a good habit to wash your hairs on every alternative day it keeps your hairs clean and healthy. Sometime in the hurry we use the dryer to make our hairs look good and dry soon, but don’t use Hair dryer in summer days even after you are in hurry because it will make your hair weak and rough. So keep using oil in your hairs and let them dry in the natural way.

Apurva Thakur

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