7 Tips to protect your car During A Hurricane

Although it’s already the last quarter of the year, the hurricane season is far from over. According to an article on Accuweather, there may still be four storms that could threaten the United States before the year ends. It is therefore important that you take the necessary precautionary steps to protect your car and your family, your home, and others properties or possessions during this season.

Providers of road rescue services say that you can protect your car from the onslaught of a strong hurricane (and be sure you can still use it after the typhoon) through the following ways:

1.     Park your car inside your garage

If you’re used to parking your car in front of your home, when there is a hurricane, make sure you park your vehicle inside your garage. As such, make sure your garage is always clean and rubbish- free so that your car can fit inside it. Don’t forget to remove heavy objects from shelves and items hanging from the ceiling so that they won’t accidentally fall on and damage your car.

Keep in mind that the garage is the safest place for your car to be in when there is a storm. It will give your vehicle the best protection against the strong rains, winds, and even objects that fly around – things that usually happen during a hurricane.

2.     Select the best parking location for your car

If you can’t park your vehicle indoors, think carefully about another best place to leave your car. Hurricanes often cause flooding, so avoid low-lying areas. If possible, park high up on a hill. In addition, to give your vehicle some protection from flying debris, park next to a solid concrete wall.

3.     Do not park your vehicle under trees, large branches, posts and other overhead hazards

Another important tip you have to remember if you will park your car outdoors during a storm is to make sure you don’t park underneath objects that may fall onto it. Trees and their branches, particularly old and decaying ones, have been known to break and fall in a strong enough hurricane.

Other possible overhead hazards that can cause costly damage to your vehicle include power lines, signs, light and telephone posts, and heavy, loose objects on top of a roof.

4.     Make sure your vehicle is completely covered

In case you don’t have a garage, make sure that your car is covered completely and properly. Use a durable and strong car cover to protect your car. You can also use masking tape to tape the windows of your vehicle to prevent them from getting broken due to the strong gusts of wind.

5.     Check the car windows, doors and sunroof

Before covering and securing your vehicle, inspect all the openings. Make sure the windows are fully up, the sunroof is closed, and the doors are still weatherproofed.

6.     Keep the number of a towing company and auto repair shop handy

You never know when you might need help with a car or truck that has gotten damaged, so always have the contact numbers of a trusted local towing company and a truck repair service in Atlanta handy. It pays to have this information ready so that these service providers can lend their assistance as soon as possible.

7.     Make sure you have valid and unexpired car insurance

In the event that your car still gets damaged or ruined because of the hurricane, make sure that your car insurance provider can cover the repairs and parts replacement your vehicle requires. Of course, you need to have valid and unexpired car insurance first before you can get financial help with having your car repaired, so always make sure that you do not have any unpaid balances in your insurance payments. Hurricanes can cause considerable and irreparable damage that could be worth thousands of dollars. Don’t let your beloved car become one of the casualties; take the necessary steps to keep it safe before a strong storm hits your area.

Apurva Thakur

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