The Five Main Distractions for Drivers

Of course, there are so many different distractions for drivers when they’re sat behind the wheel of their car, especially in difficult conditions, but what are the five main distractions? Just in case you weren’t already aware of what the five main distractions for drivers are, look at our list below!

Adjusting Controls

You might not think that adjusting the controls inside your car will distract you from driving safely, but , it’s considered to be on the list of the five main distractions for drivers. When the person driving loses focus and concentrates more on fixing the controls on their dashboard rather than devoting all their attention to the road in front of them, they don’t regain focus immediately after sorting them out – thus meaning that they could potentially cause an accident.

Eating and Drinking

One of the most tempting distractions of all time has become one of the five main distractions for drivers – food! Now, most drivers are usually tempted by the huge signs outside of fast food chains, but rather than remaining safe and eating in, they tend to have their dinner on the go – which is a terrible idea, especially for those who are distracted easily! For those drivers who choose to eat on the go and in their car, you might want to consider whether it would be worth dining in next time – eating and drinking while driving can cause unexpected accidents, and if your attention is focused solely on the food in your hands, then you’re more likely to cause harm to yourself, any passengers and other drivers on the road too.


Despite it being appropriate to accommodate other people while driving a vehicle, and it might seem a little untrue, but passengers are one of the biggest distractions for drivers – predominantly if the passengers are children! It’s not always the passengers that are the main distraction, it’s how much noise they choose to make while you’re driving. You can avoid encouraging this distraction by playing the radio on low, that way the passengers aren’t tempted to make too much noise and you can drive safely.

Mobile Phone

Even with all the new and advanced gadgets and devices that allow drivers to communicate with others without so much as even touching their phone, the number of drivers who have become distracted by the use of their mobile phone in the car has increased significantly.

Objects or People Outside of the Car

The easiest distraction for any driver is noticing a person or object outside of the car while you’re driving – it’s simply inevitable in most cases. Perhaps there’s been an accident, and, like many other drivers, you desperately want to know what has happened and whether all parties involved are well. But considering all attention from yourself and all the other drivers is focused on the chaotic scene, it’s likely that you’ll cause an accident or be involved in one also. So, whether you’re sat behind the wheel of your car on your way home from work or just driving off the dealers forecourt, remember that it’s your responsibility to ensure the safety of everyone else on the road and yourself too. Don’t be tempted to endanger yourself and other by these unnecessary distractions!

Apurva Thakur

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