Best Auto shows from around the World

Easily the highlights of Auto shows every year in the automotive world are motor shows. Car companies from around the globe flock to these events to showcase their latest models and present their state of the art technology.

No show in the world is better known for its groundbreaking engineering than the Tokyo Motor Show. It provides an insight into the more distant future of car design with revolutionary concept cars. The show operates on a biennial basis allowing companies more time to develop their latest technology ready to blow people’s minds once more.

To many, the Goodwood Festival of Speed wouldn’t come to mind when thinking of car shows. However, since 2010 Goodwood has been home to the Moving Motor Show, mainly in response to the cancellation of the British International Motor Show, it allows customers to test their new cars on the circuit unlike any other event.

The Frankfurt Motor Show is regarded as the pinnacle of auto shows. Its origins date back to the 1800’s and as of 1991 has been split into two with commercial vehicles shown on even numbered years and passenger vehicles shown on odd numbered years. For this show, the German manufacturers take the majority of the limelight with their exuberant displays in an attempt to outdo each other. As a regular visitor and hardcore fan of the Frankfurt Motor Show, Henry from Eden Commercials believes that ‘its the best experience for any motorhead, it boasts a wide selection of cars, classic and modern, and you’ll meet friends for life, everyone is so friendly and easy to talk to.’

The Geneva Motor Show is renowned for being one of the best and most anticipated shows each year. Companies show their greatest designs from production cars to futuristic concepts. Some of the best cars ever produced were debuted here such as the Audi Quattro, Aston Martin DB7 and even the first Range Rover.

The Paris Auto Show, like the Frankfurt and Tokyo shows, is biennial. Alternating years with the German show. This is by far the most viewed car show in the world with well over a million-people walking through the doors of the Porte de Versailles; what manufacturer wouldn’t want that exposure? An array of cars are shown here, from futuristic concepts to exquisite classics.

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