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Car insurance, more often than not, can be a rather costly addition to your motoring. Although in other cases. Some car manufacturers sympathise with this and as a result offer a free insurance policy for young drivers. Here are a few of the cars on the current market that you can purchase with free insurance.

Vauxhall Corsa

Vauxhall’s Corsa city car manufacturers is offered with free insurance, not only that, but it’s also available with 0% Annual Percentage Rate finance – which is fantastic for new drivers looking for their first car. Although, when purchasing a Vauxhall Corsa with finance, you’d need to be aged between 21 and 75 and choose either an Energy   or Limited-Edition model to be accepted for this scheme. Be sure to take a look at Vauxhall’s finance website to find out whether or not you are eligible for free insurance on a Corsa.

Volkswagen Polo

Offering unbeatable deals with nearly every model, Volkswagen decided to make purchasing a Volkswagen Polo much easier for those who simply cannot afford  the additional cost of insurance on top of their monthly motor outgoings. The manufacturer has thrown in one entire year’s worth of insurance for drivers over the age of 18, although if you have held your licence for under two years, a black box device would need to be fitted in order for you to be eligible for the scheme.

While those who are aged between 19 and 24 and have held their licence for more than 2 years will only need to use a telematics insurance application, and those who are over 25 years of age don’t need either.

SEAT Ibiza

Up until 30th June 2018, SEAT – much like Volkswagen with the Polo runabout – will be offering one year’s worth of free comprehensive insurance on the Ibiza supermini. Though, in order to be certain of eligibility for those aged between 18 and 24, you will need to install a telematics insurance app rather than a black box device.

Renault Clio

Currently, Renault has a fantastic deal on the popular Clio compact family runabout – there isn’t just one year’s worth of free insurance, but it’s also available with no-deposit or 0% finance. This scheme is offered with all models, excluding the Expression and RS, but in order to be accepted, you have to be aged between 21     and 79 and have a minimum of one year’s no claims bonus. Nevertheless, this scheme has been the help that most of us need when it comes to monthly motor outgoings being significantly reduced.

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