How to plan a fun beach holiday with kids

Who doesn’t love heading to a beach, splashing the water and getting some sun? But if you have kids, or deciding to travel with one, then it is essential to keep some tips in mind. If you pack right and visit the beach holiday you have in mind with the right attitude, you will surely have fun! And thanks to  Yatra,  booking  flight  tickets or a fancy or budget hotel near the beach is no fuss at all! So, let’s start the planning.

When and where to go

While some beaches can be very pleasant during summers, others can be scorching. So first check what the temperature and humidity would probably be at the    beach you are planning to go to. Make sure that both grownups and kids are comfortable with it. Then check if the beach is rocky, sandy, windy or calm. Choose

the one that’s convenient for your little ones and will probably not hurt them when they run around or play. Keep checking the weather forecasts from a few days before the trip, so that you are aware of any sudden storms or heavy rains.

Pack right

When you are travelling to a beach with kids, make sure you carry enough towels, tees, child-friendly bathing suits, insect repellant, bandages, Aloe Vera gel for sunburn and plenty of drinking water. You  can buy your kids sunglasses, hats, water shoes or sandals, and sunscreen with at least SPF 15. Pack hair bands for girls  and lots of wet tissues to wipe up toddlers after they have had a messy playtime in the sand. Carry essential medicines to fight diarrhea, vomiting and fever. Always keep a few gym bags handy to collect wet clothes after a swim. Remember to take swim nappies along if your baby is not toilet trained.

Keeping kids entertained

Don’t forget to pack your kid’s  favourite toys, story books and I-pods when you are packing for a beach holiday. They need something to stay engaged when they    are not in the water or when you want to sunbathe without them bothering you. Pack dry snacks, a light blanket and a soft pillow so that they can rest on the beach if they want. It is also a good idea to teach them to pick seashells or make a sandcastle!

Safety first

Before you can relax on your beach holiday, you need to make sure if the beach is safe for you little ones. Find what the crime rate is around the beach in question   and if there is any police patrol or lifeguard nearby. If there are any rock-pools near the beach, check if they are safe before allowing your child to explore those. Find out where the nearest hospital or clinic is in case of emergency. If your child wants to participate in some water sport, depending on his or her age, make sure  that it is safe enough or if an experienced guide will be involved.

Choosing a hotel

Like every other thing on your trip, the hotel where you plan to stay should be child-friendly. Find out if there’s a doctor on call and whether there is any playground nearby. The hotel should also be able to prepare simple and healthy dishes in case your baby falls sick or gets a water infection. If you pick resorts with private beaches, they might provide you with sunbathing chairs, towels, sunshades and such as well. So, plan right, book tickets on Yatra  and get ready to enjoy an amazing beach vacation with your munchkins.

Apurva Thakur

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