5 Places to Visit after a Tough heart Breakup

Heart Breakup are never easy and people have different ways of dealing with heartbreak, the most popular being drinking yourself oblivious and eating more cookies and ice-cream than your stomach can take. It’s painful and everything reminds you of your ex-lover.

It has happened to me too, I have just gone through my second divorce. I decided to do things differently than the first time around – I decided to make it quick and easy, and try to enjoy myself along the way if possible. We agreed to do it via California Divorce Online which spared us a lot of pain and public embarrassment. I packed up and donated all of my ex’s stuff and my stuff that reminded me of him that same week. And then I went travelling for a few months. There is nothing more healing than a complete change of environment, immersing yourself in something entirely new, where no one knows you and your sad story, where you can start afresh and are free to grieve, lose yourself in an Adrenalin rush or indeed drink yourself into oblivion without any judgments from your social circle.

In my experience, the bigger the change, the better: just go for something completely different. Here are a few suggestions.

Amsterdam, Holland

Amsterdam is the king of party cities and if you are so inclined, you can drown your sorrows in many ways due to rather relaxed social norms and laws. Other than that, there is a lot of art to see, there are canals and boats you can live on for a while, there are bikes, there is the sea and there are gorgeous blonde Scandinavians everywhere you turn. Other European countries are close and very accessible so you can travel around Western Europe quite easily after heart Breakup.


If you just feel like going far away to somewhere beautiful heart Breakup place, there’s Australia with some of the most unspoiled nature on the planet. Retreats in the Blue Mountains will soothe your soul with lush vegetation and peace and quiet. You can go on a cruise for less money than what you would pay for a hotel stay, and explore New Guinea, Melanesia, uninhabited islands, Aboriginal villages, go whale and dolphin watching, learn how to dive, snorkel or surf. Living on the surface of the blue wide ocean has tremendous healing powers.


Africa is still widely unappreciated for all it has to offer. One of the most precious things we can get from Africa is perspective. You get to see what real struggle means and in what conditions some people have to live, and your thinking changes. All of a sudden, you are not living the worst life in this world and your struggles don’t seem all that bad. You can volunteer and be of service, this usually frees you from feeling you are a worthless loser.


If you are into hiking and climbing, there’s always an expedition to Mount Everest which will certainly take your mind off your sorrow. There are many temples in Nepal you can visit to find some quiet, to meditate and get back in touch with yourself. Nepal is a beautiful country based on an entirely different civilization model that yours if you are from the western world, so it is bound to spur a shift in your consciousness.


Russia has a huge territory, so you have many choices, and it is also entirely different from what you are used to. Moscow is a bustling metropolis reminiscent of the height of communism, and St. Petersburg is a must see. However, there are vast forests in Russia, especially in Siberia, with crystal clear waters in the rivers and clean air. There are still Mongolian tribes who live in circular adobe houses and hunt deer for dinner. There is Lake Baikal, the deepest lake in the world. Last but not least, Russian people are some of the most warmhearted, soulful people on the planet.

It would also be helpful to learn at least some basics of the language of the place you are going to, it will expand and enrich your experience and provide you with a new aspect of your personality, it is almost like starting a new life. So go ahead, make the transition easy, fun and memorable as you enter new territory both emotionally and physically.

Apurva Thakur

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