Tips To Remove Flat Tyre Easily from Your Car

Going for a Long Drive But, if you are new in it, you should have some basic idea about your car, Remove flat tyre and driving. Changing car Tyre is one of those vital issues that you should know for your sake. Yes, you can take your flat treys to any repair shop. But, when your Tyre gets punctured at the middle of the road, you feel so helpless and the hazards of looking for a mechanic are just irritating. Why to be so stressed out? Learn how to change car Tyre and do it yourself.

Tools You Need to Change the Tyre

  • Car Manual
  • Car Jack
  • Lug wrench
  • Spare Tyre

Steps to Change Your Car Tyre

Instead of paying the mechanic or looking for him in the middle of the road, especially when you’re in hurry, you can start helping yourself. Do you have these tools with you? Then, with these simple steps, you can change the car Tyre by yourself-

  1. Park It on Flat Surface–

Never forget to carry spare Tyre and car toolbox while driving. If your car gets punctured at the middle of the road, what can you do?

  • Instead of being panicky, stay calm.
  • Stop your car and park it at a side of the road on flat surface. Maintain all traffic rules.
  • Switch on the hazards lights and parking lights of your car.
  • Bring out the car spare, jack and the lug wrench out from your car boot.
  • Loosen the Nuts-

Turn off the ignition and keep the gear engaged with the handbrake. What to do next?

  • Use the lug wrench and start loosening the lug nuts of the wheel.
  • Don’t make them too loose.
  • Place the Jack-
  • Now, take the car jack and place it underneath your car.
  • Usually, the car jack is placed at the axle groove or the suspension bar.
  • With the help of the jack, move your car up so that the wheels stay at almost 2 inches above the ground.
  • Remove the Flat Tyre-
  • Always keep your car manual handy.
  • Now, remove the lug nuts from the wheel and take off the Tyre.
  • Don’t forget to keep it flat so that it won’t roll over the road and cause any nuisance.
  • Fix the Spare Tyre-
  • Take your spare tyre and fix it well on the wheels.
  • Fix it in a way so that it coordinates perfectly with the holes of the wheel.
  • Now, take the lug nuts and lug wrench and tighten each very carefully.
  • Double check if those bolts are fixed well as any loose nut can cause disaster.
  • Lower the jack and bring down your car on the ground.

Your car Tyre is fixed well. Now, you’re ready to go. But don’t forget to repair the flat tyre as soon as possible.

Apurva Thakur

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