Primary Rate Interface Can Benefit for Your Business

While upgrading your business, you need to know the nook and corner of the present technological advancement and initiate those into your business to achieve more and be successful. While you think of growing your telecommunication system, it is the Primary Rate Interface or PRI that you’re thinking off.

Who Can Get Benefits of PRI Line?

Any business houses which have at least 10 employees can get the benefits of this voice technology. Now, meeting the voice needs of your every employee with an individual dedicated line is costly. Installing Primary Rate Interface can help you to-

  • Provide your employees sufficient access to outgoing lines when necessary
  • Reach the clients directly to the employee extension and
  • Upgrade voice service to provide simple solution of your business according to its growth.

Advantages of PRI Line to Improvise Your Business

Why to cling to those traditional separate analog trunks when you can get several advantages by installing PRI lines? Here are some vital benefits of the system to make you sure about having it-

  1. Direct Inward Dialing

While installing this system, you will get around 500 numbers from the service provider. Through these numbers, outsiders can call the extension directly and there is no need to go through the PBX Auto-attendant.

  • Call Hunting

So far you have to call another number manually if you find one number is busy. With Primary Rate Interface, your call will automatically be diverted to another line without keeping you waiting for long. But, if you have analog trunks, you need to spend some additional cost for installing it.

  • Caller ID

As every extension has its own number; you can see the number where you’re calling to. There are several call center applications which have exclusive caller ID number for different services.

  • Dual Service

Another benefit of PRI lines is that it offers both voice and data over the lines. Even there are some service providers who offer data transmission in all channels which are free at some mentioned time.

  • No Additional Lines

With this system, you don’t need to worry about future installation and its cost. Any businesses with PBX can start with only six channels and expand it further according to the growth of your business. You also don’t need to install any additional telephone lines.

  • Other Benefits

Apart from these top rated advantages, there are some other benefits, served by this system, such as-

  • Voice connectivity
  • Data connectivity
  • Faxing
  • Video conferencing

And all these can be done simultaneously.

Besides these, the Primary Rate Interface lines are-

  • Hard to tap as these are digital lines.
  • Clarity is better than analog trunks.
  • Billing option is flexible by the service providers.
  • Take lesser time to establish a call.
  • The fiber core ring provides redundancy.

No matter how small your business, PRI lines are there to increase productivity of your business and run it seamlessly.

Apurva Thakur

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