The importance of cleansing your skin

As not only the largest organ in the body but the only one that is completely exposed, our skin has certain protective mechanisms built into it. The epidermis, or outer layer of skin, is itself one giant membrane designed to protect our bodies. Made up of epithelial tissue that contains no blood cells, the epidermis contains thousands of epithelial cells which receive nutrients via the connective tissue below it. Constantly regenerating and creating new cells, the older cells on the top die off but remain as a protective barrier eventually reaching the outer part of the skin where they are shed. This is a constant process with thousands of cells a day reaching the surface, and it can take a little extra work to remove them so that they don’t hide the newer cells below. This is where a cleansing your skin routine like the Solvaderm’s Daily Cleansing protocols comes in.

More than Just a Cleanser

With two different foaming cleansers to choose from, Solvaderm has created a cleansing system that covers all skin types and all ages. Offering more than just a simple cleansing solution, they have been developed with specific skincare needs in mind and work to balance the pH of the skin, remove dead cells that might create blockages and dullness, and make the surface receptive to the nutrients supplied by moisturizers and serums. Used in conjunction with Maxatone toner and Glowpeel exfoliating treatment, they leave the skin’s surface smooth, even and refreshed.


Developed to care for all skin types, Dermpura contains rosehip oil that stimulates the synthesis of collagen, sodium olivate to remove dirt and impurities, Glycerin to add moisture and, japonica extract for its anti-inflammatory properties gently. Suitable for all ages, it is particularly recommended for those with dry, mature or sensitive skin as it cleans, protects and soothes while providing nourishment. Used morning and night, it will help to slough gently away those dead cells on the surface to reveal radiant, glowing skin while supporting cell growth and renewal. Follow up night time cleansing routines with Juvederm rescue repair treatment for optimal results.


This clarifying cleanser works to unclog pores and remove dirt without stripping the skin of its natural moisture and pH balance. Containing Salicylic acid to dissolve excess sebum it is particularly recommended for those who suffer from oily skin and acne breakouts. With both Lactic acid and Glycolic acid also included, Rejuvoderm gently exfoliates the surface, minimizing blemishes and supporting the synthesis of collagen to help repair prevent scarring. With Lavender oil providing moisture and a natural antiseptic to fight bacteria associated with blocked pores, this clarifying facial wash is the perfect antidote to problem skin.

Soap Free All Solvaderm’s products are 100% soap, sulphate and paraben free. While soap is perfectly adequate for cleaning the body, its use on the face is not recommended by dermatologists as it can strip the skin of natural moisture and clog pores. Follow Solvaderm’s Daily Protocol for cleansing the skin and you will reap the benefits with a glowing epidermis!

Apurva Thakur

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