How to Get Rid of Uneven Skin Tone

What do Halle Berry, Liv Tyler, Lucy Liu and Reese Witherspoon have in common? You guessed it right – flawlessly beautiful skin. No matter the color – whether sun-kissed or light – smooth, natural and even skin tone is something everybody dreams of having.

However, there are quite a few causes that lead to uneven skin resulting in a tired and aged-looking complexion. Thankfully, Solvaderm has a line of products packed with only the finest ingredients, natural acids and pure actives, all proven to give an even skin tone.

What causes uneven skin tone?

Uneven skin tone can be caused by hyperpigmentation, which comes as a result of the overproduction of melanin, the brown-black pigment

which gives the hair and skin their color. Melanin absorbs the heat from the sun and protects the skin from damage brought by UV rays. However, when too much of this pigment is produced, the skin can darken in patches, causing a mottled and uneven skin tone. Hyperpigmentation skin may result from the following:

  1. Too much exposure to the sun. Repeated exposure to UV light from the sun causes skin damage. The body reacts to this damage by producing melanin – which appears as brown spots – to combat this damage and to protect the skin.
  2. Hormone stimulation. Hormonal changes caused by pregnancy, birth control pills and even hormone replacement procedures can trigger melasma – blue-gray, tan or brown spots on the face. Melasma can also come as a reaction to some medication and can be caused by irritation from certain cosmetic products
  3. Skin scarring. Skin injury, lesions and acne can also cause the skin to darken.

Addressing Uneven Skin Tone Issues with Solvaderm

There are different ways of evening out the skin tone. The best way, of course, is prevention, so it would be good to limit exposure to the sun, which is the major cause of hyperpigmentation. Staying hydrated by drinking the recommended eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day is also essential in keeping the skin healthy and young-looking.

Exercising and eating healthy should also be part of your beauty regimen, as these activities do not just promote health and fitness; they also lead to a healthy complexion.

In addition to these all-natural activities, you can use Solvaderm skincare products to combat hyperpigmentation that is making your skin look and feel old. Solvaderm has raised the bar for the science of skincare, with the following products that are sure to even your skin tone:

  1. This purifying facial toner for acne-prone and oily skin is formulated with botanical astringents and antiseptics that remove dirt and oil while tightening large pores. Its highly advanced formulation protects against blemishes and blackheads while moisturizing the skin.
  2. This cleanser clarifies and revitalizes oily and acne-prone skin by exfoliating the skin to remove dull and dead cells from the face, thereby making it clear and blemish-free.
  3. Juvabrite. Lighten dark spots with this transformative treatment option without the harsh chemicals. Safe and light enough to wear under makeup or as standalone, this skin brightening complex makes skin clearer by fading discoloration caused by pregnancy, acne and sun exposure.
  4. This anti-wrinkle night cream does not just restore the skin’s firmness; it also fades age spots and other hyper pigmented areas with its natural skin brighteners and antioxidants.
  5. This repair serum contains alpha-hydroxyl fruit acids that speed up sloughing off of dull, uneven skin. It also improves skin tone and minimizes dark spots though it’s lightening and brightening complex.

Although it seems difficult, transforming dull, lifeless and uneven skin tone is possible. With the proper lifestyle and with help from Solvaderm, you can achieve the fresh and flawless look you have always wanted.

Apurva Thakur

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