5 Beauty Tips to Make Your Eyes Look More Attractive

Eyes are “mirrors of the soul”, or so they say. When you meet people, the first thing that they notice, when you are close to them, is your eyes. Apparently, people can tell a lot about your personality by just looking at your eyes and thus determines how they open up to you. Since time immemorial, men have had a liking for women who have bigger, more beautiful eyes. The reason being that they tend to equate bigger eyes, just like bigger hips and lips( beauty tips), with higher estrogen and at the end of the day, that equates to higher fertility levels. Though it hasn’t been proven scientifically, this has been the trend for long.

Having attractive eyes is a wish for many. Discussed below are beauty tips you can use to make your eyes look more attractive:

1. Cucumbers for puffy eyes

There is nothing worse than waking up with puffy eyes when you have a special event. For some people, meeting new people or having a presentation is stressful enough and puffy eyes won’t help in any way. However, there is no need to worry as with a few pieces of cucumber you will be sorted. Just place two chilled pieces of cucumber on each of the eyelids and let them rest there for 10 minutes or so. I’m sure you have seen this in movies many times. The juice in the cucumber seeps through the skin reducing the puffiness, leaving your eyes fresh and radiant.

2. Eye exercises

There are a number of available eye exercises that you can perform. For example, take a pen and move it from left to right on a writing pad. Make the eyes follow the tip of the pen. Repeat the exercise for a few minutes. In no time, the eyes should feel fresh and radiant. An alternative is closing the eyes and squeezing them hard. Then, open them suddenly a wide as possible. Repeat the process for a few minutes.

3. Enough sleep

We already know of the immense healthy benefits you get from having enough sleep. Well looks like there is no stopping with this as it also aids in keeping your eyes sparkling with life. Sleep deprivation causes one to have tired looking, puffy eyes. Enough sleep will prevent this. At least 6 hours of sleep per day will do just fine.

4. Yoga

There is something intriguing about yoga. If you do perform those postures, or know someone who does, then you will agree with me that those people have this calmness that is admirable. They are always composed and easier to deal with. This might be attributed to the power of yoga in making one focus more on positive things. Yoga helps you build on the inner peace. The eyes reflect the inner side of you thus with yoga, you are guaranteed of eyes that radiate inner peace.

5. Wear Sunglasses

Excessive exposure to sunlight make you eyes squint and it is in no way beneficial to your eyes. Make it a habit to always wear sunglasses when outdoor to prevent this. Also, when in a place with dim lighting, the eyes tend to strain making them look sluggish and tired. Ensure to use enough lighting specially when reading or in a place that requires extreme eye focus.

Bonus Beauty Tips

You may also use some of the Solvaderm skincare products that are specially formulated for your eyes. They are great as they have been researched, created by scientists and renowned dermatologists, and are known to fight signs of skin aging, prevent skin damage, even out the skin tone, leaving you with a healthy attractive skin.


There are also a few facial enhancements that you may use for your eyes to look more attractive. In particular Beauty Tips, growing longer and thick eyelashes may come in handy as the lashes make the eyes look more attractive. You may use some of the available eyelash growth products or opt for the natural ways such as olive oil on the hair follicles. Your eyes will need some vitamin A and C in order to sparkle and your entire body will benefit immensely too. After all is said and done, ensure to lead a healthy lifestyle.


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