Diaster avoiding travel tips for stress free travel

Travel tips is an inevitable part of our life. Starting from pleasure to business, there can be a lot of reason for travelling. When it comes to travel, there is always a stress associated with it. This is because you are not prepared for last minute works. This article is about avoiding last minute disasters during travel with simple tricks and tips.

  1. Plan ahead of your Rajasthan Tour. Plan your itinerary, luggage and other elements. This would help to save a lot of time and energy in the future.
  2. Do not pack your luggage at the last moment. Take at least a week to sort things out and pack them.
  3. Pre-book car rental services, hotels and other services. Before you start, call and confirm whether your reservations are not cancelled. If so, find an alternative immediately. You cannot land in a foreign land and then plan about where to stay or where to go.
  4. Confirm your tickets and if possible, have an online check-in to reduce time.
  5. Know the exact time of your flight or other mode of transportation. If you are choosing flight, learn about the baggage limit; check in time and other terms and conditions. Make sure that you are in the airport at least an hour before the stipulated time to have enough space for any manual error, delays in check-in and a few minutes of breathing space.
  6. Change the currencies, check your bookings and learn about the customs if you are travelling to a different country. If possible get in touch with any Rajasthan Travel tips. guide article in internet and learn about the place in detail.
  7. Always keep an activity that would keep you busy if your flight is delayed or while you are waiting for the connecting flight holiday trip. Binge drinking is not a hobby to deal with boredom. You do not want to be drunk or in hangover when you land.
  8. Always pack light. Do not dump your luggage with expensive items. It causes unwanted stress and other problems.
  9. Be prepared for all kinds of situations. Have some security money in a separate place. Keep you important items like passport and others, very safely. Also renew or take travel insurance and other coverage for any unseen conditions. Keep emergency number in a small diary and also in your phone.
  10. If you are travelling with a young child, make sure to keep your luggage to minimal. You need to concentrate more on your kid than the luggage. Always pack baby wipes, water and important medicines with you while you travel.
  11. Last but not least, have a realistic expectation when it comes to travel. Waiting in airport is never a fun time. Be prepared for it. The flight might be delayed for hours. You might be surprised or completely frustrated by the turn of events. Make sure that you are ready for all events. The final tip is to be comfortable. Once you have taken care of all the points mentioned before, do not spend all your vacation sulking about how to avoid any disaster that might knock in future. Be happy about your travel and enjoy it with your friends or family or, alone.

Apurva Thakur

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