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Soft surgeries from dental surgeries in Harley Street – Who says the dentist is just for teeth?

In modern dentistry, there are many other types of cosmetic procedures you can have at many dental surgeries across London; everything from dermal fillers to treatments for acne scarring and even stretch marks!

Confused? Don’t be. It is an unknown fact that all dentists have extensive knowledge of facial muscle groups, facial tissues and the dental surgeons have actually undergone surgical training. Therefore, it makes sense that you could seek skin rejuvenation procedures from manydental practices in Harley Street, London and beyond!

Many dental surgeries now also offer treatments known as ‘soft surgeries;’ an alternative to invasive surgeries which is growing in popularity across the UK due to its price, its convenience and its fast results.

 What is soft surgery?

Long gone are the days when skin rejuvenation surgeries like face lifts required scalpels and stitches. Today, many people prefer less invasive options for their cosmetic surgeries, known collectively as soft surgeries.

Soft surgeries offer an alternative to help tighten loose skin, reduce the appearance of acne scarring, stretch marks, reducing lines and wrinkles and minimising sun or age spots. As not cutting is involved, these procedures often take several trips to the dentist to complete, but the end result is even more impressive as there is no scarring, bruising or stitches.

Procedures that may be offered

Depending on which dental surgery you choose to undergo your soft surgery with, the options may vary slightly, depending on the skill of the dental surgery team. But typically, soft surgeries available often include-

Eye lift – perfect for reducing the appearance of dark circles or bags under the eyes. This can also be used to tighten loose skin both above and below the eye.

Scarring – if you have stretch marks, acne scarring or surgical scars that are bothering you, these can be treated and minimised using soft surgeries.

Lines and wrinkles – one of the consequences of ageing that is now becoming easier to treat is that of lines and wrinkles. Both can be treated in minimal time with soft surgeries and even more defined wrinkles, like smile lines or smokers’ lines can be minimised.

Sunspots and age spots – an annoyance and often a long-term consequence of that one day you forgot to wear sunscreen at the beach, sunspots and age spots can be removed using a targeted laser beam. The beam produces energy under the skin which is then absorbed by the bodies red blood cells; this causes destruction of the sun or age spots and leaves you with no scarring and with clear skin. Active acne – acne is not fun, especially if you are an adult. Soft surgery can reduce the redness and swelling of active acne, leaving your skin looking clearer and reducing the appearance of any acne. Depending on the severity of your acne, this treatment may take up to 3 visits to complete.

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