Remember these important times to get a dental check-up

It is always important to have a biannual dental check-up with a dentist in order to take full advantage of the latest technology that they have available. These digital scanners and high magnification and lighting equipment allows professionals the ability to identify the smallest signs of decay, infection or disease like never before.

By having this upper hand, both the dentist and patient are able to take appropriate steps to ensure that these initial concerns do not grow into anything more sinister. Modern day dentistry is becoming more and more capable of allowing patients to maintain great oral health throughout their entire lives.

There are certain times in a person’s life where they need to be more vigilant than ever about their oral health. One of these times is during pregnancy. This intense time in a woman’s life means that her body is undergoing many different changes in very rapid succession.

Hormones are responsible for many abnormal reactions and these can have adverse effects on the oral health of an individual. Some women can get sore gums that swell and bleed during their pregnancy and this is considered relatively normal. It could be diagnosed as pregnancy gingivitis. It may be due to the building up of plaque on the teeth, dental check-up or due to these changes in hormones. It does need to be looked at and treated by a healthcare professional in order to alleviate discomfort and concern.

Another common condition is the random appearance of pregnancy tumours, which often become present on the gums during the second trimester. They usually disappear after the baby is born, but need to be monitored and checked to ensure this is what they really are.

The first trimester results with morning sickness quite often in a lot of women and this can mean an excessive amount of acid being exposed to their teeth and gums. This can eat away at the enamel of a person’s teeth, making them weaker and more sensitive than before.

Addressing some concerns that pregnant women may have

Every woman wants to take care of herself and her unborn baby the best she can while she is going through this beautiful time. Although she wants to make sure that her health is optimal, she does not want to risk the health of her child in doing so.

X-rays are a common concern that many expectant mothers have when they come into the dental practice as they are unsure of the effects that exposure to radiation may have on their child.

Rest assured that it is safe. Dentists will go through extra precautions to ensure that no radiation is exposed to the woman’s thyroid or abdomen. Rigorous testing and research has been applied to the use of X-rays and advances in technology have meant that they are much safer than they have previously been over the decades that they have been in use. By having healthy teeth and gums throughout pregnancy, women can enjoy experiencing an overall improvement in their health which will positively benefit their baby.

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