Sofa Styling Tips For An Instant Makeover!

You know how there are some life-changing tips which make you wonder where they had been all your life. These sofa styling tips will bring the same drastic effect in your life and help you give a new life to your living room each time you feel bored or want to make a transition based on seasons. Ready? Grab your notebook, pen and start noting down tips which you like the most and incorporate them after going through the below list:

Pillow piling

Piling on pillows on your sofa Styling is one of the easiest makeover looks you can go for. All you have to do is buy 4-5 pillows and rest them on your sofa to give them a luxurious look. You can opt for plain traditional cotton pillow covers to give a laidback look or even sequin ones to strike a glamorous statement. And by using Fabfurnish coupons present on, you can shop for a variety of them at discounted prices along with the bonus of cashback.

Loose sofa covers

If you are bored of looking at your plain sofa Styling but don’t have a budget to buy a new one, stop worrying! Buying a sofa can be an expensive affair which is why you can opt for loose sofa covers to give them a new look. You can go for plain pastel ones to invite a summery vibe in your home or go for dark printed ones to welcome approaching winters. Opting for plain white loose sofa covers and complementing white cushions can give a totally luxurious feel.

Come spring and there are plantations of hope! While the color yellow is largely associated with this season, it can be intimidating for many as it’s quite an attention grabbing shade. If you have a sofa in plain texture, your best bet can be investing in a floral print rug that screams springs. Floral patterns are all the rage this season in Fashion trends. So why leave home décor behind when it comes to getting inspired by it. You can shop for such beautiful ones by availing Homeshop18 coupons which will fetch you discounts and cashback.

Add side tables

By adding side tables, you can add many more elements with their help. If it’s summer time, you can place plants in little pots accompanied with sand to give that beach type look. It will instantly give a summery feel. You can also use your side tables for placing books and candles in winters accompanied with a plush rug to bring in that cozy feeling. You can opt for complementing shades too when it comes to side tables and sofa. Using blue and white combination will remind you of the white sand beaches and the clear blue sky in summers.

Have fun

If you have a jolly personality, let it shine through your choice of home decor. Are you wondering how? There are tons of cushion covers and pillows available today in market which have humorous sayings and quotes printed on them. They will make for an eye- catching sight for your guests and will surely break the ice as soon as they enter in your living room. Just ensure that you have a plain sofa print when going for such fun and comic covers so as to not overdo the print thing. Your sofa shouldn’t have so many elements that it starts to look busy.

Hope these sofa styling tips help you give a new life to your old sofa and satisfy your home decor appetite in the most fun way without disturbing your budget.

Apurva Thakur

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