7 Things To Keep In Mind When Selling Your Home

The decision of selling a home is not that easy to make. There are many factors that you need to consider prior to making the decision. Undeniably, here is a tough competition out there. Once you are decided to sell your home, you must make sure that the property for sale is ready and available for the potential buyers. The most important thing to remember among many others is that you only get one chance to make a first impression. In this article, I’m going to discuss to you the important things to consider when selling your home.

Prepare Your Home For The Market

  • Detach Yourself

Since you already decided to sell your home, it is now time for you to set your mind that it is now time for business and that you need to remove your personal attachment to the property. It might be tough, but untying yourself from the property is the first step that has to be done. Your mindset should be that you are selling a home that you once owned and that the goal now is to make the property stand out among the many other properties that are in the market.

  • Find a Reliable Real Estate Agent

Seeking the help of a real estate agent is important when selling a property. Although some people are capable enough to sell their own home, majority are not  knowledgeable enough on what the current trend in the market is and not to mention   the long procedures that comes with the selling and buying process. During tight situations, it has been proven that having a professional on your side is such an advantage. You must choose an agent that has a license from the Real Estate Regulatory Agency and who works for a company that is also accredited by the same Agency. This will help you be sure that the person doing business with you has the full capability of handling the property and that the agent can get you potential buyers in no time. On top of that, the agent can take care of all the advertising and all the paperwork that needs to be done when closing the deal.

  • Prepare Important Documents

Preparing the property for sale is not the only thing that needs to be accomplished. You must also prepare yourself to answer some inquiries that are sure to rise during the selling process. Having the supporting documents handy will be of much advantage. Your

listing Agent, your attorney or potential buyers might also request for it. Preparing the necessary documents ahead of time will make the selling process smooth and will save you from a lot of trouble.

  • Clean Up And Get Things Organized

Making sure that the property for sale is neat and very organized to make it more attractive for the potential buyers. As part of the self-detachment process, you should get rid of as many personal items and photos. This will help the potential buyers envision themselves in the space, like they can move in the next day if they want. You also need to get rid of excess furniture and other things that are not a necessity on a daily basis.

Through this, the living space will be more spacious. Start the cleaning process from the front door then work your way around the house. Make sure that you go through every space of the house including the attic, the garage and the basement (if you have any).

Never think twice on getting rid of some stuff. If you are in doubt and you think that throwing it away is such a waste, my advice is donate it to charity or set up a garage sale. You should also make sure that everything is organized. From the closets to kitchen cabinets, clothing items and shoes, make sure that everything appears in its place. By doing so the house will be less cluttered. Clean every corner including the outside. Make the property sparkle and shine, a clean home attracts many buyers and will actually help get a big offer.

  • Remove the things that you do not want to include in the sale

When selling a fully furnished home, there might be a few things that you want to save and not include in the sale. For that, it would be best if you start to move it early and before you open the property for viewings. You don’t want your client to see those things. They will automatically think that it is included in the package and might cause future problems. Take time to remove heavy curtains and any window coverings that obscure natural light from coming inside. Bright houses are easy to sell. Try to make your home lighter and make sure to get rid of the things that might make it look dark and heavy. When the time comes that the property is ready for viewings, be sure to open every door and window, with the exception of the bathroom. This will help establish a feeling of complete access and warm welcome.

  • Repair and Replace

If paying for someone who can do the maintenance job is too much for you, then you have to make a list of the things that needs to be repaired or replaced and do the work yourself. Apply fresh paint to every wall and repaint the doors and other surfaces to make the house more inviting. Replace burned out light bulbs and outdated or rusty light fixtures. Appliances that are outdated or broken should be replaced so as leaky faucets and fixtures. Tiles in baths and the kitchen should be re-caulked or re-grouted. But if the damages are too much to handle, I think it won’t hurt that much if you hire a professional. New plants and fresh flowers can also add a good atmosphere around the house.

  • Once everything is done and all things are set, call the Agent and start the viewings.

This is the most awaited part; your property is now ready for potential buyers to view. You may now call your Real Estate Agent sell your home and have the property available for viewings. Make sure that you are always in touch with your Agent and that you are updated. Also, make sure that your property is always neat and clean. As I’ve said, YOU ONLY GET ONE CHANCE TO MAKE A FIRST IMPRESSION.

Apurva Thakur

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