Detailing fraudulent activity

The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) launches investigations on individuals and companies who are suspected of performing fraudulent activity of which there are a number of varieties. Should a person find themselves in a situation where they are contacted by the SFO, it will be a swift and extremely stressful time.

By understanding the importance of contacting a fraud solicitor as quickly as possible, those accused are placing themselves in the best possible situation. This is because the early stages of an investigation generally influence how the rest of the proceedings are going to end. Choosing the right professional can be the difference between charges being laid or not.

There are a few things that an individual needs to always be aware of, so that should they ever find themselves in such a situation without their lawyer present, they can react in the right way to protect themselves and their future.

What are some of these actions that should be followed?

Most people know, whether it is by watching a few crime television shows or simply through general chat, that one shouldn’t discuss anything without their lawyer present, even if they are completely innocent. This is essentially true. It is safer to not speak than to discuss something with police officers who are essentially looking for an open admittance of guilt in order to wrap things up neatly and quickly.

Investigations have begun with the understanding of guilt and even though individuals are innocent before proven guilty, the simple fact of an interrogation or a raid shows that there is an element of doubt there. The right actions being taken at the beginning of the investigation is therefore critical in securing that kind of safety that enables a more manageable situation for the defence.

As a matter of fact, there are many times that individuals arrested, especially when they are innocent or have even unknowingly committed a crime, have absolutely no idea what they are being charged with.

Understanding what they have been charged with should be in the forefront of a person’s mind when they are experiencing such a distressing and confusing situation. Demand that everything be in writing for reference and documentation, so that both the individual and their lawyers can look over these when there is a moment to recollect.

Because these early stages can progress extremely quickly, it is important that there is a record of what happened for the defence, signed off by the prosecutor, to assist in the further stages of the case.

For those people serious about defending their rights when it comes to charges and accusations laid by the SFO, hiring a professional who has experience and confidence in these matters is paramount. As discussed, it is critical that the individual or firm under investigation speaks with a lawyer as quickly as possible so that they are in the best position that they can be to diffuse the situation if this can be done.

Let the professionals do the hard work, so that anyone who is facing serious accusations can continue forward with their futures, knowing that their rights are being properly defended.

Apurva Thakur

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