5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Search Engine Optimization!

As the world makes a rapid transition to the digital landscape, even the most traditional businesses are beginning to understand the urgent need to create user-friendly and impactful websites to attract prospective customers and accelerate conversion rates. Search Engine Optimization is an efficacious and economical tool to increase your website’s visibility by making it rank high in search engine listings. SEO services are a composite of several strategies and painstaking research to ensure that precise and correct signals are sent to the search engine so that your website is featured on the first SERP (Search Engine Result Page), thereby drawing more people to your website.

Let us look at why SEO is indispensable to your business. 

1. Website optimization

To increase the searchability of your website, SEO experts will optimize the website based on its objective. An ideal conversion rate will be determined, after which a plan of action will be decided. In a nutshell, website optimization involves structuring the content to conform to search engine algorithms, populating the content with key phrases in the right density, incorporating visual media elements, adding a Call to Action button, among many other strategies. Extra attention is paid to the landing pages because ad/social media/email campaigns drive traffic to these pages. Website optimization ensures that visitors who arrive at the page perform the desired action, whether it is making a purchase, or reading an article or filling out a form.

2. Build brand value and credibility

Users are more likely to trust websites that can easily be discovered with a simple Google search. SEO can also tap into other factors such as machine learning, AI, and positive consumer experience to ensure that your website retains the coveted spot on the first SERP, and continues to garner credibility and authority.

3. Combine SEO with other marketing strategies

SEO can function in tandem with other consumer outreach strategies of your company. Your marketing team and SEO experts can brainstorm together to create an effective plan by merging SEO with Pay Per Click campaigns and targeted paid ad campaigns to drive more traffic to your website.

4. Understanding the consumer’s behaviour

SEO metrics give clear indications as to whether your organic search strategy is yielding the desired results.  Through Search Engine Result analysis, AI insights, data analytics and search query, SEO experts can feel the pulse of the consumers visiting the website. This in turn explains the intent of the consumers and what they desire. Such inputs can then be incorporated into future plans or fed into existing strategies. Thus SEO not only helps to understand the consumer but the changing dynamics of the market you are operating in.

5. Local search

‘Local search’ has lately been gaining prominence because of the steady rise of small regional businesses that operate on the online model. SEO Dubai experts can help with optimization strategies for businesses that wish to capture and cater to a small local clientele. These strategies are diametrically different and must take into account the local market, preferences, customer reviews, NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number) consistency, local link generation, optimization of Google My Business listing, etc. To rank high in local-intent searches, this special form of SEO is crucial. SEO can single-handedly take your website to new heights, build your brand’s reputation and help your business thrive. For a modern business to succeed in an ultra-competitive world, implementing the right optimization strategies is imperative and this is where SEO experts can help.

Apurva Thakur

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