Considering getting teeth treatment with invisible aligners?

Your top 5 questions answered about this type of Teeth brace.

We all want a straighter, symmetrical smile teeth; it boosts our confidence and makes us look more professional. But many of us worry that if we want a straighter smile, we will need to have a traditional brace fitted, which may not be the look we want, even in the short term.

If you have heard the excitement around newer braces offering accelerated realignment times whilst also having a discreet appearance, you will have undoubtedly heard about the world famous Invisalign braces in Kings Hill.

But before you undertake any kind of treatment, you will of course want to know more about how this brace works, how long you will need to wear it for and other bits of basic information that may have a bearing on whether you choose this invisible brace.

Here are your top 5 questions about treatment with invisible braces in Kings Hill answered!

Are invisible braces as efficient as traditional ones?

Traditional braces are used to correct more complicated or severe misalignments in the teeth and jaw, so if you have a more complicated dental misalignment, then you are unlikely to benefit from an invisible brace.

But if you have a mild to moderate protrusion of your teeth, crowding or spacing, then you are more likely to benefit from an invisible aligner and it may actually be more effective to try this treatment option.

How long will I need to wear them for?

The average wearing time for an invisible brace is between 9 to 15 months, but this may be different for each person; your dentist will be able to advise you on treatment time.

To gain the most benefit, you should wear your clear brace for up to 22 hours per day.

Will my dental hygiene need to change?

No, it won’t. As you can remove invisible braces, you can floss, brush and gargle as you usually would without having to worry about using any additional creams or gels to keep your teeth in top condition.

You may want to visit a hygienist throughout your treatment, just to make sure that all is going to plan with the realigning and to ensure that your teeth are being brushed thoroughly.

How do invisible braces work if they don’t have wires?

Invisible braces are flexible, plastic trays that fit over your teeth and apply gentle pressure to move them into their new positions. Over the course of your treatment, you will probably need to change between several different trays to obtain your new smile, with each tray designed for a different stage of the treatment.

I really love to play sports – is it safe to wear an invisible brace while playing?

Absolutely! As there are no wires or metal, there is no chance of you cutting your lip or any other area during high contact sports or any other activities.

However, if you are still concerned, why not just remove your invisible brace while you are playing and pop it back in afterwards?

Apurva Thakur

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