A beginner’s guide to Incognito teeth braces in Weybridge

Over time wearing teeth braces has become part of the norm and it’s no longer a bit of a social stigma to be seen sporting them. However, having corrective devices in your mouth can make people a little self-conscious and that’s why a lot of people turn to Incognito braces in Weybridge.

For those that are curious, here’s a little bit of background on why these treatments are so popular with patients.

What makes them different?

First of all, ordinary braces are fitted across the front of your teeth and over time they gently apply a direct and small amount of pressure to realign them into a straighter smile. Where Incognito differs is, instead of being attached to the front of the teeth as you would normally expect from braces, these are instead fitted behind the teeth. The aim of this is to keep them out of sight as they quickly realign a crooked tooth or two into their new positions.

How are they fitted?

The fitting process for these interior braces is fairly straightforward. Your dentist will use self-ligating wires and brackets that are attached to the interior of your mouth using an adhesive. They also differ in that, unlike other braces, they allow and encourage movement of your teeth and the process is much faster, as it usually takes over 16 weeks for them to completely finish the realignment.

Are there benefits to treatment?

Patients experiencing this procedure are able to take advantage of a wealth of benefits. The biggest of which is that because they’re fitted to the interior of the mouth, they’re easier to hide which in turn helps with feelings of low self-confidence at having to wear corrective dental apparatus.

They’re also rated the most comfortable brace to wear because of their self-ligating brackets allowing for friction-free interaction with your teeth. The brackets also mean you won’t have to come in for multiple appointments to readjust the brace, as it essentially does it itself over time.

How to clean your brace

One of the biggest problems patients with braces face is keeping them clean as it’s very easy for food particles to become lodged between the brackets, wiring and hard to reach areas of your teeth.

To keep your brace clean it’s generally recommended that you use a small amount of toothpaste lightly brushed between the mechanisms of your brace to keep your teeth sparkling. To get into those tricky parts flossing is still an option, but try to be careful with how you dig and pull between your teeth. Just gentle loop your floss through the area you wish to clean and then gentle strain out any plaque. If you’re having difficulty getting through the brackets, then just use a floss threading device to pull it through one side and then gently tug it through in a delicate motion to give your mouth a thorough cleaning.

These are just a few helpful facts about these braces. If you want to learn more, then stop by your local practice in Weybridge and see what they can do for you.

Apurva Thakur

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