Benefits of permanently replacing teeth

There are many benefits to consider when a person is deciding whether to replace some or all of their missing teeth. The sooner this consideration is made the better, as the jawbone recedes away over time as the body utilises energy elsewhere when it is not stimulated by replacing teeth and their roots.

This receding is actually the main cause of dentures slipping after several years of a patient wearing them. Many patients do not know that dentures are not designed to stimulate the jawbone the way natural tooth roots and dental implants in Here ford shire do.

Jaw recession and tooth loss can lead to premature ageing as the cheeks cave inwards and as the skin has no support it begins to sag. Premature ageing can severely affect a person’s self- esteem and mood. Understanding dentists are considerate of the effects that the teeth and jaw bone has on the structure of the face and can provide solutions to assist in a youthful appearance once again.

Aside from these negative impacts, when a person loses a tooth, the surrounding teeth and gums are affected as well. Stability of surrounding teeth is impeded as drifting of these teeth are reported in many cases, as is the health of the tooth and gum.

By allowing bacteria access to more surface area of teeth, patients are essentially exposing themselves more to the risk of decay. Infection can occur more frequently as exposed gums are often injured and cut whilst eating.

Nutrition can also be affected as people with missing teeth begin to revolve their eating habits about what they can eat rather than what they should or want to. Raw and hard foods become difficult and the variety of nutrients becomes limited.

As a knock-on effect to this, overall body health can deteriorate rapidly. The body is a holistic system and as such, everything is connected in one way or another. More and more studies are emerging showcasing the links between a healthy mouth and a healthy body. By ensuring all can be done to maintain a healthy mouth, patients are investing in their overall health as well.

What can be done about missing teeth?

If a person has one or more missing teeth and wants to do something about it, they can look at replacing their teeth in a permanent fashion.

Replacing the tooth root with a titanium implant ensures proper fusion with the remaining jaw bone and provides a stable and secure post where a natural looking crown or bridge can be supported.

When looked after properly, these implants can last for a lifetime. Regular professional cleaning with appropriate tools will ensure that the risk of infection and rejection of the replacement tooth root is minimised and patients can continue with their lives forgetting that they ever lost a tooth in the first place. By discussing their options with a dentist, patients are able to fully understand the benefits and possible risks that are involved with them investing in this procedure.

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