Bareilly – The historical city of significant importance

Bareilly is a city that is located in Uttar Pradesh on the Ramganga and is Bareilly division’s capital. It is just 250 km east of New Delhi and 252 km from Lucknow, the state capital. It is regarded to be the state’s fourth city having CNG (compressed natural gas) filling stations as well as 7th largest metropolis and the country’s 50th largest. It is also in the list of Smart Indian Cities.

About the city

It is also popularly called Lord Shiva’s land (Nath Nagari), Zari nagari, Ala Hazrat (which is derived from Islamic Mausoleum) and Sanjashya (the place where Buddha had descended to earth from Tushita). Moreover, this city is considered to be the center for cotton, sugar and cereal trading and for furniture manufacturing.

Presently, the city is also called Bans-Bareilly. Even though, bans (cane) furniture is not much derived, the city got its name from two popular prices named Baraldev and Bansaldev, who were Jagat Singh Katehriya’s sons, having the city established in 1537.

Its history

It was the various Kshatriya Rajput clans who ruled the region during the 12 th century A.D. But with invasion by the Turks, it came under the rule of the Delhi Sultanate after which it got absorbed by the Mughal rulers. It was the year 1657 that Mukrand Rai had established the very foundation of the modern city. After becoming Rohilkhand region’s capital, it was later taken over by Awadh’s Nawab Vazir. Finally, it got transferred to the British Raj. The city is also known to have played its role as mint for significant part of the history.

Historical importance

Bareilly region according to epic Mahabharata is considered to be Draupadi’s birthplace. According to folklore, Ahicchattra, Bareilly’s ancient fortress city was once visited by Gautama Buddha, where he had attained Kaivalya.

This city is stated to be quite rich with archaeological stuffs. Ahichhatra’s extensive remains, Northern Panchala’s Capital town had been recently unearthed from Aonla Tehsil near Ramnagar Village. Coins belonging to the Gupta period also were found. There were also huge amount of terracotta found in the region. Few ancient mounds also have been excavated in the region. Hence, this place is a paradise for those who are more into history and archaeology.

Tourist importance

There are several places that visitors can travel when in the city. It boasts of having a combined water and amusement park including numerous clubs. Few of the parks are:

  • Cantonment Children’s Park
  • Phool Bagh at Cantonment
  • Prem Nagar C.L. Park
  • Vatika, Rampur Garden
  • Civil Lines Company Garden and much more.

Numerous Bollywood songs also have Bareilly as its reference with its musical genres like kajra, jhumka. The city is also an important educational hub having several professional institutes in and around the city. This makes students from all over the country to come down to the city to further their education and to foster their qualification.

Travelers can book their packages much in advance to beat the season rush and also order their favorite food delivery in Bareilly station to make their journey more enjoyable.

Apurva Thakur

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