10 Car Lighting Tips That Keeps You Safe on the Roads

Night driving can be enjoyed with a good driver and a safe car lighting tips. Whether for pleasure or for need, many people choose to drive after dark for the obvious reason- less traffic. There are others who need to drive at night when they have no other option. Whatever is the cause, the prime concern while driving after dark is- safety.

Night driving is hazardous. Accidents occur almost thrice more than during the day time. The basic reason behind almost all the cases, is the reason that people get tired. This leads to lack of concentration more often, which further leads to accidents. These, along with low-vision are the main culprits behind 90% night time on road fatalities.

However, when you cannot over rule a situation where you need to drive after dark, and that too repeatedly, you need to make your car lighting tips compatible for it. Here are few lighting tips that will make you safe for night driving, read on for learning.

  1. Fused Lamps- A watch On: If you have plans that might end up in night driving, ensure that your car is illuminated properly. Turn on the car’s ignition switch without turning the engine on. Every modern car is fitted with a signal that turns on at the dashboard for any lamp that is not working. Now put the car in the reverse gear, this will turn your reverse lights on. A Walk around the car lighting tips will give you a clear idea about which of the lights are functioning perfectly and the ones that need to be replaced.
  2. Headlights-Aim Them: Follow the manual that comes with your car and aim or headlights properly. You can do it yourself with little care and attention. The headlights that come with new cars are often pointed lower than required. Proper alignment is required for the light to focus perfectly on the road ahead. It takes a little time to adjust them, so be patient. A headlight should be aimed in such a position that it can illuminate the road as far as possible without blinding the traffic or the drivers of upcoming cars.
  3. Headlights- Clear them: Apart from aiming the headlights perfectly, make sure that they are not obstructed. Buy a headlamp polishing kit and ensure that the “eyes of the car” are shining brightly and clearly.
  4. Your Dashboard Panel- Dim it: Use your car dashboard dimmer switches. They are there for a reason. Glaring dashboard panel, with an array of bright lights compromises with the night vision of a driver. Use a good map light that does not glare in your eyes if you have to. Try to avoid as much distraction as possible from the car interior to focus on the road ahead.
  5. Fog Light- Bolt them On: Fog lights are used to illuminate the road instead of just seeing through the fog. They are usually aimed low, and since they spread wider than usual lights, fog lights help considerably in night driving.
  6. Lights- Use them Courteously: Twilight is a dangerous time for the drivers on the road. The drivers take time to adjust their vision in this soft light of the day. Turn on your headlights, at least an hour before sunset and an hour after sunrise for safe driving. If there is fog, use the low beam headlights, instead of the high beams.
  7. Glares- Avoid the lights: Try not to stare at the lights of the upcoming cars. Look for the white line marking on the right side of the roads to follow the traffic.
  8. Spares- Store them: Always keep a stock of spare bulbs, especially of the front low beams and the rear lights. These lights tend to blow off frequently, and not having them means you are in danger on the road.
  9. Custom Lighting for Cars- Use Sparingly: You can customize the lighting of your car as you prefer- have driving lights, spotlights installed. But while driving in the dark, use them sparingly. These lights can be very blinding and thus can be fatal for the other drivers.

Incandescent Lamps- Replace them: To make your car night safe, replace the old incandescent lamps with LED light bulbs for car available in the market. Not only do these led lights last longer, but are brighter and takes longer to fade than their older counterparts.

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