Are you considering dental treatment overseas?

Do you need to have dental treatment overseas work done but cannot afford the exorbitant fees of the UK? Statistics have shown that the average Brit can save up to 70% by choosing to undergo procedures in another country, granting them the opportunity to fix their teeth while exploring a foreign land.

Not only is Hungary an attractive tourist destination, scenic and beautiful, but it is also a place where a person can enjoy supreme quality Budapest dental treatment overseas care available at a fraction of the cost, even including flights and accommodation. Plus, you are ensured top-quality care by an expert Budapest dentist.

What are the most common dental treatments that people have done abroad?

Dental veneers, root canals and dental bridges can be expensive in their own right, but cheaper overseas, and therefore some of the more popular procedures.

A dental veneer is a paper-thin material bonded onto the enamel of a tooth, using to cover minor chips and tooth discolouration.

A root canal involves removing the infected pulp from a tooth and sealing the space, before capping it with a crown. A root canal sometimes eliminates the need for tooth extraction.

Dental bridges are a form of restorative dentistry to fills the gap caused by a missing tooth using a bridge. The procedure uses neighbouring teeth to support that bridge.

Standard of care you should expect to receive

Whether you have chosen Hungary for Budapest dental care for dental tourism or have suffered an unfortunate accident far from home, you should expect to receive top-class care despite the diminished price tag.

This includes finding a dentist who is compassionate, warm and empathetic who communicates well and shows understanding to pain and discomfort you may be experiencing.

Aside from the oral health provider’s bedside manner, you should also take account of the products that are used in your treatment. Are they good quality? Cheap products that contain harsh ingredients could cause you harm. Just because you are paying considerably less, does not mean making compromises that could potentially jeopardise your health. At the same time, avoid practices that use old and outdated equipment.

While researching potentially clinics, read the testimonials of past clients online. Only if these testimonials are mostly positive and seemingly unbiased should you book an appointment for treatment.

Things to consider

Have you booked enough time off? Between vacationing and the treatment, have you dedicated enough time to healing? Travelling while in pain is never recommended.

Are you satisfied with your potential dentist’s answer to your questions? If not, continue with your search until you find one who ticks all the boxes for you.

What happens if things go wrong? You might have the best dental team, but complications from surgery do arise. It might not be an issue to set things right, but do you have the time and money to revisit a dentist in another country? If you are considering a Budapest dentist, do plenty of research. Hungary is known for its affordable dental care and competent dentists, but do everything possible to minimize your risk of being stuck in a country with an even worse tooth problem caused by inadequate dental work.

Apurva Thakur

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