6 reasons why relationships plays a vital role for your health

Being in a relationships plays is important. The relationship is made of both happy and sad times and moments. The relationships can be stressing or challenging. The way or manner that partners handle the issues or problems that may arise in their relationships may tend to play a significant or vital role in the determination of their health status. A relationship can either improve your health or worsen it. Couples or partners should be keen on their behavior as it also helps in determining their social, physical and also mental states. Some of the advantages of relationships are helping each other in times when one is faced with difficulties or challenges. This is not the case at every time. The nature may change, and stressful situations may affect both partners and their health inversely.

Happy and Healthier lives

When a relationship works, it means that partners or couples are at peace most of the times. They can help each other in sharing of problems and issues that affect them. This is important in ensuring that no one is stressed up. Remaining faithful is good for happier couples. The risk of infectious disease from one partner to the other is thus reduced or eliminated. The health of the couple is maintained when they are not suffering from either the STIs or STDs and both. Health is also better when couples are happy. This is one of the many ways in which the health of a couple is positively affected by relationships plays.

Learning and Sharing Healthy Habits and Practices

Those in relationships plays are likely to learn from each other and have copied behavior. When the behavior or practices learned and shared are positive, health may be positively affected and improved. Making exercising a hobby, for example, is vital to improving the health of both of the persons in the relationship. Other practices like walking around the park together in the evenings are also good. The two partners may have their health improved as a result of just being together and sharing practices. This can lead to healthier lives. Proper eating or feeding habits can be adopted by the two. This would keep poor diet related problems and illnesses away from the partner or couples.

Stress in Relationships

When the relationships become challenging, a major component is stress and stressful conditions. Today, mainly we observe the stress in a relationship is due to the causes of ed in their sexual relationships plays. Partners may have problems or difficulties dealing with or solving differences. They end up having to stress one another. Stress may affect one’s behavior negatively and adversely. Eating and feeding habits may also change. Drinking to deal with the stressful conditions or situations may come in. These unhealthy practices and behavior may result from the stress build up and pile up in the relationship. Illnesses, for example, high blood pressure may be suffered at such points. It is also possible that some people become suicidal, and the stress may lead to loss of life of one of the couples. Quarrels all or most of the time leads to wars and a partner can be injured in the process. To get the least of such complications, a man should be known with erectile dysfunction exercises to build their strong sexual life. Otherwise, stress in relationships can thus be detrimental and harmful to the health of partners.

Risk of Infections Resulting From Unfaithfulness

When partners are not faithful, the risk of infectious infections and diseases cannot be ignored. One may sleep around having sexual intercourse with other people outside the relationship. Carelessness and lack of use of protection may lead to contraction of infectious diseases; a partner may transmit the illness to the other person. This means that both the partners will suffer disease or infection. This impacts the health of the individual in a negative way. Partners should try being faithful to one another. Having multiple partners is wrong as one who is faithful may suffer disease transmitted by the partner who is unfaithful.

Mental Health

If a relationship is not stressful, the mental health of partners is good. One can thus perform all functions as required at the workplace. If individuals are in a relationship that is stress filled and is struggling, one may have problems with concentration at the workplace. One may tend to over think. Cognitive problems for example loss of memory may be experienced. The mental health for couples is good when the relationship is at the point where there are no fights or struggles. However, if the partners are constantly in arguments or fights, mental health is inversely affected.

Unhealthy Behavior

Partners may learn unhealthy behavior from each other and adopt these practices. They may include too much alcohol drinking. This may increase diseases risks for the two. Poor eating habits may lead to problems associated with weight.


Relationships and how good or challenging their progress is, affects health positively or inversely. Partners should have control or say on the nature or status of their health by the way they handle situations in their relationships.


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