Winter Gloves – A must have accessory

Winters are the most enjoyable and preferred seasons across the globe. One of the reasons is that you get so many options to experiment with your clothes. Many people like to visit cooler regions as their holiday destinations be it summer or winter, and it’s very important to understand that if you are visiting any cooler region or during winters, one should wear enough clothes that keep them warm. There are different kinds of winter clothing like jackets, sweaters, coats, mufflers, scarves and the most important winter gloves. Winter gloves is a must have accessory. A pair of good quality hand gloves would ensure that your hands are warm and dry during the season.

Women and fashion go hand-in-hand and like other winter garments, even hand gloves for ladies are available in different styles and patterns. Hand gloves not only keep the hand warm and dry but can also form a part of your fashion statement. Though there is ample variety of hand gloves available in the local markets but then who wants to take the pain of going out and buying them. Times have changed and so is the way of shopping. Online shopping is more preferred way of shopping these days since it’s comfortable and easy. But be it online shopping or visiting local markets, there are few things that need to be kept in mind before buying a hand glove.

Styles – A very important aspect that needs to be considered is what kind of style you would prefer. There are plenty of hand gloves options available from a small vendor or big brands. All you need to is pick and choose as per the occasion. You can have a pair of classy looking hand glove that would look great if you are planning to impress your partner or if you are visiting your friends or skiing in snow then a heavy and thick ski glove should be worn.

Material – Another very important aspect that needs to be considered is the material it is made from. A good quality hand gloves should be able to keep you dry that is it should be water resistant and should be able to survive snowfall and precipitation. Leather gloves stand out amongst all the materials. But woollen gloves are equally good.

Dexterity – Once the selection of material and style is done, the another important thing to keep in mind is the how agile the glove is. You definitely don’t want to feel uncomfortable while wearing them, hence choosing the right hand glove is very important. There are different kinds of hand gloves available like

  • Liner Gloves: Liner gloves are very light in weight and are thin, and also they aren’t very expensive as well. But they are not the best option to choose as they might not protect you from cold quite effectively. But it’s always good to keep a pair of liner gloves since they do not take so much of room.
  • Winter gloves: Winter gloves are heavy and bulky but give you best protection from cold. They absorb heat and offer better insulation than liner gloves but they are not very comfortable. You might lose some dexterity with winter gloves.
  • Mittens: Another option could be mittens. Mittens are gloves that are normally worn by people living in extremely cold areas. The good part about them is that they keep the fingers together and there is less loss of heat. But you would be definitely restricted to move your fingers.

So, different styles offer different benefits. Some may be versatile in nature while some could offer better protection from cold. It’s you who have to decide which one is right for you.

Apurva Thakur

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