Two quick ways to save money on car rental in Muscat

Oman is a fantastic destination and everything here is just but interesting. The price of gas is very cheap compared to other countries and travelling is always enjoyable due to the good quality roads that usually invite drivers to keep going. If you are visiting or a local but don’t have your own means of transport, car rental in Muscat car will do the trick, helping you to drive conveniently while at the same time spending less. Cars always provide an ideal way of seeing gorgeous Muscat.

However, before renting a car in Muscat, it is important to note that prices can escalate at times and therefore you should do some research before doing the booking. There are many ways to save money such as using price comparison sites like and paying attention to the small yet important details when it comes to Muscat car rentals. Below are two important tops that can help you save more money on your next car rental Muscat: –

Tip # 1: – choose the right car

Muscat is famous for desert safaris with Wahida Sands presenting a great starting point for many travelers. With this in mind, many travelers are tempted to rent big and expensive cars like 4×4 with the hope of driving to the desert. However, this is not necessary at all. You can still enjoy a desert safari tour by booking with travel agencies who have vehicles specially designed for that. Many Muscat rental car companies do not allow their vehicles to be driven off the tarmac roads and this is something you should

always bear in mind. You can save more money by choosing the right car.

Tip # 2: – Avoid the extras

You can easily pay a lot of money on extras if you are not careful. Things such as GPS navigation are normally expensive (even if it is $15 per day) yet you do not need them when driving around in Oman. It is easy to drive Muscat car rentals around Oman using your simple map function on your phone. You can also save money if you opt for a simple paper map. All roads leading to the major towns such as Nizwa, Thumrait, Rusayl, Salalah, Tenuf and Jabrin are have clear road signs and are in good condition thus making it hard for you to be stranded.

Always enquire about the rental company’s office hours to avoid out-of-work office fees when returning the car. You see, car rental agencies are in business and getting a few dollars out of our ignorance won’t be too bad for them. Some car rental companies will charge you if you return the car outside office hours. To avoid this, confirm about the office hours and return the car while the agency’s offices are still open. It is also important to avoid one-way Muscat car rentals if possible. One-way rentals are normally expensive and therefore worth avoiding as much as you can. However, if you have few dollars to spend and you don’t mind spending them on a one-way rental, just go right ahead.

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